4) Speaking of Missions Appraisals

propempo-missionsWe recently asked if anyone had improved or developed a missions self-assessment tool. Fortunately, there were some great responses. For example, see the diagnostic tool at…


by Propempo. It’s adapted from the ACMC form, still available via Pioneers at…


3 Responses to 4) Speaking of Missions Appraisals
  1. Bruce Dipple Reply

    There is a self assessment tool for photocopying in Chap 9 of Becoming Global:Integrating Global Mission and Your Local Church (Sydney, Aust.: SMBC Press, 2011.

  2. Dennis Miller Reply

    The ACMC developed tool is still the best I’ve ever come across. I used it when I was a missions pastor, have led a workshop at a Missions Fest on it and had great feedback. I’m glad it is still available either in the new format or from Pioneers. I recommend it highly

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