11) What will you do about Obamacare?

Curious about how your org stacks up with Obamacare? Insurance Services of America wrote, this past week,…

a) ObamaCare does not apply while living and traveling overseas.
b) ObamaCare does not apply for domestic health coverage of 364 days or less.
c) ObamaCare can be mostly diverted for domestic groups via self-funding.

Want to learn more? Start at…


Thanks ISA!

5 Responses to 11) What will you do about Obamacare?
  1. Heidi Reply

    One of the “self-funding groups” with which we’ve had a relatively-long-term and quite happy experience is Samaritan Ministries. Check them out over at http://samaritanministries.org/
    Another that might meet your needs is Christian Care Medi-Share whose website is http://mychristiancare.org/

  2. Neal Pirolo Reply

    Sounds like a good program. For “shopping comparison” I would mention the program we have subscribed to for 15+ years:

    Christian Healthcare Ministries

  3. Eddie Smith Reply

    Our employee is on a shared Christian service plan for major medical. We also deposit $50 per month into a medical savings plan for her doctor’s appointments and medications. Because she is in good health, she rarely dips into that savings account.

    This is a sharing plan I recommend:

  4. Adam Bates Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Doug. There are different options for mission organizations who can’t afford traditional group health insurance or do not want to provide all the benefits Obamacare requires. Contact us with any questions or for a quote. http://www.missionaryhealth.net Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. Mark Sequeira Reply

    I followed the link and couldn’t find more info about Obamacare/PPACA requirements. This is difficult for those trying to understand the impact of this new law (especially for expats). I wrote a couple pages at http://www.gninsurance.com/ACA-PPACA_how_does_it_affect_me.asp to hopefully answer some of these questions.

    If you are considering international self-funded options, we have arranged to have two of the very best self-funded experts working with mission groups today, to consult with you (no cost) to help you get a self-funded plan in place saving organizations on yearly health costs, while protecting them against the huge risks involved in self-funded plans. They have helped large and smaller groups alike and have kept their reinsurance premiums below 3% year-over-year. If interested email Peiatgninsurancedotcom and tell her you’re interested.


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