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Brigada Today– 2014/01/19

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In this edition:
In this issue…
1) Thank you for Undergirding Brigada in 2013
2) Next Mission Frontiers to Feature 4×4’s
3) The Suitcase Never Arrived
4) YWAM Orlando’s School of Mission
5) Study Neighborhood Transformation (or CHE) online
6) Hot Stock Tip: Matthew 25 Fund a Good Fit for USA Readers?
7) Using Infographics to Engage People on Mission
8) Cool Storybook Site: An Option for your Snow-Day
9) Next Week: Special Cool Tools for Offline Use
10) Will Amaze (and Equip) You
11) Excited About New Apologetics Series
12) Let God Enlarge Your Heart in 2014
13) Learn the Basics of Storytelling in Two Days
14) The BackPage: Google: Friend of Foe
15) Closing Stuff

1) Thank you for Undergirding Brigada in 2013

We send (via email) and post (on the web) Brigada Today each week, January through Oct. without any financial appeals whatsoever. (We only say thank you to those who give gifts.) At the close of each calendar year, we ask people to pitch in $17,120 to help part-time with the costs of an assistant, pay for web-hosting, and some light marketing costs. We estimate that we invest between 10-20 hours per week, on average, preparing Brigada, communicating with the Brigada audience, and serving the Brigada community. Brigada, then becomes a means of promoting evangelism and missions on both a national as well as an international level. Besides those few weeks at the end of each year, there are no other appeals for financial support.

With this edition of Brigada, we formally close our appeal for 2013. We received a total of $12,778.08 for budget needs for 2013. We’re grateful for all those who WERE able to give and we trust that God has provided according to the needs that He, in his providential wisdom, wanted to supply. We praise Him for that and thank you for the part you played! In addition, we thank you for your prayers. This week, we’ve been writing, sending, and posting Brigada Today every week for literally 19 years. We’re told that for internet websites and e-zines, that’s like an eternity. We couldn’t do this ministry without your prayers, partnership and encouragement. You’re a great bunch of friends and we appreciate you!!!!!

PS. Thanks to Insurance Services of America for sending a gift of $20.97 this past week. Learn more about their many policies and benefits at…

They provide plans for those who need international health, and travel insurance, as well as those who want to be reimbursed if their travel plans change or are interrupted by anything in any way. I’ve had to collect before — and it works.

2) Next Mission Frontiers to Feature 4×4’s

The Mar/Apr 2014 issue of Mission Frontiers introduces a powerful new dynamic in global missions which is already impacting the U.S. as well–generational “4×4” movements spawning additional “4×4”

In 2013, emerging 4×4 movements became evident in at least 27 regions of the U.S., with some of these already spreading among the unreached in the U.S. and/or their homeland.

To equip you to help us leverage the value of this material, the folks at Mission Frontiers have temporarily (until Feb 1st) posted key core content on-line for the preview and assistance of ministry leaders:

(If you have any trouble with this link, please email RobbyQButleratgmaildotcom .)

3) The Suitcase Never Arrived

missiontrip“My son, Steven, has been on a mission trip with my Dad for the past two weeks. They left the states during the big snowstorm that covered the East Coast and just barely got out of the country. Because of the weather, changes were made to their flight schedule and somewhere along the way their luggage got lost. Today, Steven leaves Ghana, Africa to come back to America. His suitcase never arrived…I think he has had one change of clothes for the whole trip.”

This is the beginning of a story we read recently from a woman’s whose son went on a short-term mission trip without insurance for lost or delayed baggage. Had her son been on the “TripArmor” plan from our good friends at he could have been reimbursed for his lost/delayed baggage. If you are going on a mission trip this year that involves connecting flights (don’t all mission trips??) then you should be sure to check out this plan at

or give Mark a call at 1-800-5776-2674 ext. 103.

4) YWAM Orlando’s School of Mission

ywamYWAM Orlando runs a School of Missions beginning March 31, 2014. In this 3-month cross-cultural training you will learn to 1) build relationships through language learning, 2) belong and become an insider in your target community, 3) thrive in the mission frontiers emotionally, spiritually and physically, and 4) be an effective team worker. Your lecturers will be experienced missionaries. The optional field internship is a mentored field learning experience. Learn more at…

or email
or call +1-407-273-1667.

5) Study Neighborhood Transformation (or CHE) online

che6EFCA Equip is staging another one of those online “book courses” beginning Wed., Feb. 19th. Learn more about the course here…

then register here…

They charge $50 for the course plus $10 if you don’t already own “Multiplying Light and Truth” by Stan Rowland. I did this course a few months ago. If you have time and you’re self-directed, there can be some great discussions with your peers. It’s mainly a “read and discuss” kind of approach. The course organizers would be the first to admit that an in-person CHE course is more engaging, but if you can’t get to one of those, it’s great that they’re making this format available.

6) Hot Stock Tip: Matthew 25 Fund a Good Fit for USA Readers? —

Are you into stock funds? I’m not. Much. But my son dabbles. :-) He recently shared news about a fund called the “Matthew 25 fund.” Check it out at…

If you invested $10K there 10 years ago, your investment would have dropped to half its value by 2008. But today it would be worth more than $20K. Not a bad return for 10 years. Obviously, past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes, but it’s worth a look. Apparently, they don’t have any big-time office in the USA. It’s just a guy in PA doing his best to help the world. They state that they’re not religious or anything. Just trying to do something to help the world. Cool. Please take note: I’m not an investor there nor will I receive anything for this referral. Just an interesting prospect. (Thanks Caleb!)

7) Using Infographics to Engage People on Mission

infographic_Indonesia_v4With so much information available, one of the greatest challenges today is to make information accessible and engaging. GMI recently launched

a new service designed to provide regular infographics to the mission community on a broad range of topics. So far they have covered topics like global church planting, Internet evangelism, online missionary recruiting, orality, the status of Indonesia and mission leadership trends. Twice a month, Missiographics will send out a new infographic on a different aspect of global mission. Sign up here:

8) Cool Storybook Site: An Option for your Snow-Day

Are you the parent of a restless Missionary Kid (MK) on a snow day, miles from your homeland? You could be in a creative-access country, or somewhere in downtown Cincinnati. It doesn’t matter. Your kids will still enjoy these books. Check it out at…

It features big-time actors and actresses reading kids’ books just for fun. For example, see this story about “The Tooth”…

To see all their stories, make sure you click “View List of All Books” upper right. In my opinion, their landing page doesn’t do a good enough job sharing all the options at their site. (Thanks for sharing this site, T…)

9) Next Week: Special Cool Tools for Offline Use

cool toolsBy popular request (Thanks for asking, Mike!), next week’s Brigada will feature Cool Tools for use in low-bandwidth situations. Are you a worker in a creative-access field with slow internet? What tools have helped you maximize your effectiveness in spite of bandwidth restrictions? That’s what we’ll want to know. Please see “Submit” an item at or just email your item to Doug at DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg

11) Excited About New Apologetics Series –

Apologetics (“Why should we believe in God”) is fundamental to reaching those who have no foundation in believing in Jesus Christ. I’m pumped about the new apologetics course at…

Apparently, it will cost around $45 but can also be ‘rented’ for $3.99. I ordered item #10 “Towards Belief” and will look forward to viewing it and, I hope, using it. (Thanks Ted!!!)

13) Learn the Basics of Storytelling in Two Days

tell the storyThat’s the approach taken by …

Their 2013 Biblical Storytelling Workshop in Louisville takes place January 31 through February 1 at 5007 Southside Drive, Louisville, KY. It’s Friday night and all day Saturday for $30 per person. You’ll receive basic storytelling lessons and strategies in this hands-on workshop will acquaint you with Biblical Storytelling. For registration see the link above.

14) The BackPage: Google: Friend of Foe

This past week, several readers raised questions about our recommendation for Google Apps. One note (from our I.T. guy here at Team Expansion) reminded us that Google wasn’t really a technology company, at heart. Instead, he asserted, Google is an advertising company using Tech as the delivery vehicle. (Thanks Greg.)

Another reminded us of Google’s own Terms of Service,…

He added, “Google harvests everything (including sensitive information) that is sent through Gmail accounts. Data stored on Google Drive becomes property of Google. And the insidious part about this is that they do it with our permission (unlike the NSA that at least works to get at our sensitive data). They have categorically stated that you cannot assume any sort of privacy when using Gmail (and by extension Google Apps). See:

He went on to say, “Some of the tech people I have contact with have even reported private links to private websites suddenly showing up on Google after they were emailed to someone with a Gmail account who needed access to the site. Google Chrome also harvests information that they have no business having (see here:

“so, according to this Brigada participant, it is not a browser for people in sensitive locations.” (Thanks J…)

Does this affect your willingness or likelihood of using Google apps for your team’s content? Knowing that they data-mine everything (including the content you place in your private docs), should you be thinking of switching to a secure solution, and if so, which one(s) are you considering? Please click “comment” under the web version of this item. Thanks for any insights you can share.

15) Closing Stuff

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