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Brigada Today– 2014/02/23

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In this edition:
1) Engaging Islam Intensive
2) Combined Community Development Training and Personal Debriefing
3) Visit a Missionary-Focused Retreat Center Next Trip to USA
4) Track and Communicate with Your Staff in Sensitive Fields
5) Music and Bible Resources Free for Field Workers
6) The Largest Streaming Bible Study Site in the World
7) Missions Grad Student Shares His Paper on Decision-Making
8) Key Profiles of Decision-Makers in India
9) The School of Frontier Media Thailand
10) Where do You go for Cables?
11) Oral Bible Storying: use Jesus’ Approach to Tell his Story
12) Summer Animation Project 2014- Apply Now!
13) In a Matter of Mere Hours, a New Movie Will Premier
14) The BackPage: What’s Up with Ukraine?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Engaging Islam Intensive

EIGo deeper in your understanding of ministry to Muslims with these interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism and Discipleship featuring material from Georges’ soon-to-be published book. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims, don’t miss out on these incredible training opportunities. But space is limited, so better register now at…


2) Combined Community Development Training and Personal Debriefing

LRM Being a change-agent in a developing community is greatly rewarding but doesn’t come without its stresses and difficulties. It’s not uncommon to put a lot of energy into a community development project only to have results and community response less than what you had hoped for. The folks at Le Rucher Ministries know – they have years of experience in bringing wholistic Community Development in recovering war-torn areas as well as debriefing cross-cultural workers. They are offering a two week training and personal debriefing combination August 17-29. Explore wholistic biblical principles on how to help a community reach its God-given potential, at the same time as processing the impact of your current experiences and projects. This training is for Community Development practitioners and field workers who want to hone their skills as well as debrief their current experiences. The training is held at their center just outside of Geneva, Switzerland and the cost of 650 Euro covers all materials, meals and accommodation for two weeks – not a bad price! For more information go to their webpage at:


Space is limited so fill out an application today and get ready to hone your skills for greater effectiveness.

3) Visit a Missionary-Focused Retreat Center Next Trip to USA

CabinEdenRidge, a missionary retreat center, welcomed over 300 missionaries in 2013. This missionary-focused facility is gearing up for a great year and invites missionaries from around the world who may be on furlough this year to visit. EdenRidge is located on the Cumberland Plateau about an hour West of Knoxville. For more information or to make a reservation please visit



If you have any questions about EdenRidge please email them at restatedenridgedotorg.

4) Track and Communicate with Your Staff in Sensitive Fields

Morton SecurityIf you’re looking for secure, affordable emergency communications devices/applications, some have found them at Morton Security Solutions. MSS offers a multilayer redundant approach to emergency communications and people tracking, using satellite and cellular networks. MSS has two apps that you can download on your iPhone, Blackberry or Android, consisting of an SOS app and a Check In app that allows MSS to securely track its customers. Both apps are highly encrypted and MSS does not broadcast any personal information, using ID numbers instead. They also offer Satellite GPS rentals of SPOT and Delorme as well as Iridium Extreme Sat phones. Go to


to find out more or call them at 1-855-572-3156. Their site looks like it’s geared for commercial organizations, but there is a reason for that and we all know what it is. According to its founders, this organization is dedicated to serving you.

5) Music and Bible Resources Free for Field Workers

MfM is an organization that seeks to bless and encourage Field Workers, especially those in isolated or difficult locations. MfM sends its resources without charge to any field worker who applies. They offer a range of praise-worship style CDs sent by snail-mail or secure download from their password-protected website…


The secure website also offers a range of ebooks (some also as eReader files) for Bible study or as teaching or preaching resources. All MfM offers are available without charge to any Field Worker who applies. Contact PaulGatmfm4udotcom for further information.

7) Missions Grad Student Shares His Paper on Decision-Making

Brad’s first class at Moody Graduate School was Theology of Missions. He wrote a paper in that class titled “Decision Making For Missions Involvement: A Biblical, Rational Process For Considering Family Issues.” It might be helpful to some dealing the tensions between ministry and personal/family needs. Here’s a link to a podcast episode where he reads and discusses the paper. And there’s also a link to the paper itself.


8) Key Profiles of Decision-Makers in India

IndiaIf you are from India or working in India, don’t miss the latest research coming out of GMI. The researchers at GMI have partnered with Indian ministry leaders to research how ministry decisions are made in India. The research reveals three key profiles of decision makers in India along with nine factors prevalent in decision making. Visit


to download a free executive summary, purchase the full report or purchase the accompanying monograph designed to help Western leaders better partner with Indian leaders.

9) The School of Frontier Media Thailand

ThailandThe School of Frontier Media is a six-month, second-level YWAM school, devoted to training individuals in using various media forms to communicate the Gospel in ways that are both innovative and culturally relevant. Whether you are new to media or a skilled professional, if you want to use media for missions then the SFM is for you! It runs from the 30th June till the 12th December. If you have questions contact Keegan
sfmatcreatethailanddotcom for more info, or check out their website…



11) Oral Bible Storying: use Jesus’ Approach to Tell his Story

Jesus’ ability to connect a story to a person’s heart is one reason people flocked to him to hear his teaching. Follow the example of Jesus and learn how to use oral bible stories in any kind of ministry setting: for evangelism or discipleship, with individuals or groups, within your own people group or cross-culturally. Join the StoryRunners School of Storying, March 23-28, 2014. Check out


12) Summer Animation Project 2014- Apply Now!

Sabeel Media is now accepting applications for the 2014 Summer Animation Project. If you would like to join a dynamic team in producing a short Bible-based animation for a children’s audience this summer apply now! The summer project will include opportunities for positive interaction with the intended audience. The characteristics for which they are searching include, creative, team-oriented, interested in other cultures, animation experience is a definite plus! The time frame is June 23 – August 8, 2014 (7 weeks). Snag the application here…


For questions write to
infoatsabeelmediadotcom . Applications are due April 1, 2014.

14) The BackPage: What’s Up with Ukraine?

My family and I moved to the USSR in 1991. The region in which we lived became Ukraine, right before our very eyes. But now, what is Ukraine becoming today? And what will become of Crimea? Are you there? Do you have insights into what or why these demonstrations are happening? Do you have theories about their possible impact on churches, believers, and/or Christian workers? If you do, would you be a part of the BackPage editorial this week by writing your opinion piece here? And if you need to write anonymously, you can do that. Just click, “Comment,” after the web version of this item. And thanks, in advance, for your opinion.

15) Closing Stuff

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