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Brigada Today 2014-03-16

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In this edition:
1) Got a Spot Messenger Account? Get a Free SatPhone
2) Garrison’s “A Wind In The House Of Islam” Now Available
3) Last Week’s “Free Getty Image Item” Prompts Questions
4) Bible Storytelling Training in Ireland
5) 2014 Zwemer Summer Institute at the IMB
6) Listen and Watch World Bank Outlook Reports for Free
7) Where do you Find Psych Services for your Missionaries?
8) Looking for a Multi-User Online Spreadsheet?
9) Looking Forward to the Release of “God’s Not Dead”
10) What’s Your Favorite Encrypted Email Provider?
11) Best Practices for Missions Mobilization (the Movie)
12) Missions Videos that Tell it Like it Is
13) What’s the One Sermon You Wish People Would Watch?
14) The BackPage: Is Crimea the World’s Newest Republic?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Got a Spot Messenger Account? Get a Free SatPhone

satphone with laptopYes, there’s fine print. First, you have to add a SatPhone plan to your Spot account and to get the satPhone FREE, you need to add the TOP plan, which gives you unlimited SatPhone minutes (doesn’t everybody want that plan anyway?). So how much will that plan set you back? $1800 for the year, or $150/month for a 12-month activation. Now before you choke, there are people who might actually get that much use out of a satphone, especially when you take into consideration that you can use this particular satphone for data as well. Keep in mind, you’ll need a view of clear sky (you can’t do a satphone indoors, even if they show such a thing in the movies). Also, Spot’s coverage isn’t QUITE global. (See a coverage map before you buy.) Learn more about plans here…


Learn more about Spot SatPhones here…


Read more about the rebate here…


2) Garrison’s “A Wind In The House Of Islam” Now Available

House of Islam bookThousands of copies that have been pre-ordered are now on their way around the world. David Garrison’s new book will encourage, challenge, inspire, and teach. According to his website, for a short while you’ll still be able to get the book at deep discounts. The book will retail for $18.95, but you can still purchase it for as little as $9.00 each for a case of 40 (more than 52% discount) and $12.00 for single copies. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear where you can find these prices. If you click on Bookstore at Garrison’s own site, the price is already listed at the retail. At this point, we suggest you use the “Contact us” link at the website…


and explain you’d like to purchase at the lower price according to the landing page of the website. They’ll almost HAVE to honor the lower price until they change their own home page price discounts. However, act quickly if you want this reduced price. My hunch is, once they see this Brigada item, they might remove the discount plan at the home page.

3) Last Week’s “Free Getty Image Item” Prompts Questions

gettyimagesSeveral users wrote, asking for more information about last week’s item dealing with free images from Getty. For more info, see this page at the Getty site…


To be more specific, Getty is now giving free embed capabilities for about 80% of its images. You can now use those images on “websites, blogs and social media.” At this point, they haven’t released their images for inclusion in anything else presentation- or print-oriented. So for now, you couldn’t include these images in Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, for example. This is solely a web-oriented use, as far as I can see. But the good news is — they’re free.

4) Bible Storytelling Training in Ireland

Over 80% of the world cannot (or does not prefer to) learn from reading. Story is the communication vehicle of choice for these oral learners. Take part in a “Simply the Story” (STS) workshop in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Rep of Ireland from April 28 to May 2. You’ll learn ways to tell fascinating, accurate stories and to lead interactive discussions on Bible passages. Equip teams for short-term missions trips. Add excitement to family devotions. Witness naturally at work. Maximize church planting on the mission field.

Download the workshop brochure and find out more information here:


Or contact Kathy

5) 2014 Zwemer Summer Institute at the IMB

Now you can take part in comprehensive one-week training for churches, missionaries, missionary candidates and students in understanding and engaging Muslims in Christian witness. Some topics include: Muslim Cultures and Worldviews, Muhammed and the Qur’an, Muslim Women, Radicalization of Islam, Folk Islam, Contextualization, Church Planting and Discipleship Among MBBs. It’s scheduled for May 26-30, 2014 at the International Learning Center in Rockville, Virginia, sponsored by The Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies at CIU in Partnership with the International Mission Board. You’ll need to pay $300, but this includes meals and lodging. Alternatively, pay just $100 for training only.

Visit http://www.zwemerinstitute.com to register.

7) Where do you Find Psych Services for your Missionaries?

One source is Narramore Christian Foundation. These guys have been around since the early 1950’s. Read more about their services and their servants at…


With global staff based in West and East Africa, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Philippines, they can help you or your agency with consulting, counseling, and more. For example, check out their reentry program for MK’s at…


8) Looking for a Multi-User Online Spreadsheet?

OK… as I look at that title, I realize — you’re probably saying, “Who needs that?” But think of what you could do with an online multi-user spreadsheet. You could, for example, plan your next event, including due dates, task completion status, budget, and actual expenses and registration income. Because it’s online and multi-user, it would be easy to share and update everyone on your event team, remote colleagues, and key vendors. And what if you haven’t yet settled on a CRM software yet. Use SmartSheet to keep track of inquirers for your next short-term trip, or applicants for your org. And with full gantt chart tracking capabilities, you could use it for dated phases in your building project or even as your org strategy planning and tracking app. You could even use it as your daily task manager, if you like. Learn more at…


Note that with the less expensive plans, you’re limited on creators for spreadsheets, but once they’re created, you’ll enjoy unlimited users. Think about that: Unlimited users… with Gantt charts, web forms, and mobile viewing.

10) What’s Your Favorite Encrypted Email Provider?

We keep coming back to this item… but we do so because, for Christian cross-cultural travelers, it’s one of the most-relied-upon tools… like a hammer or circular saw for a carpenter. So what’s your favorite? Are you simply a Gmail user, in spite of the ads and marketing? If so, learn more at…


Just click “Create an account” at the bottom of the page.

Have you taken it one step further in privacy and protection by setting up a Hushmail account? Learn more at…


They might not be the most innovative or nimble on their feet, but, it boils down to this: Hushmail just usually works. Maybe they don’t have all the bells and whistles. Maybe there’s no iphone app. But when it comes to the basics of privacy and price (free, as long as you remember to check your account at least once every 3 weeks), their model works.

There are other options. Some use




What’s your favorite solution?

11) Best Practices for Missions Mobilization (the Movie)

If one of your goals is recruiting missionaries for service, or finding volunteers to serve them, why WOULDN’T we want to watch this free one-hour clinic on missions mobilization?

Presented by Mark Stebbins, a veteran of thirty-four years with The Navigators, including eleven years in Africa and fifteen years in mission mobilization. He currently serves as Western Director and National Missions Coordinator for the U.S. Collegiate Navigators.

14) The BackPage: Is Crimea the World’s Newest Republic?

Russia would have you think so. This nation, according to Russia, was literally born yesterday. Look at the changes on the Wiki page at…


See Russia’s claim at…


However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone other than Russia who recognizes Crimea’s nationhood, much less Russia’s immediate claim to it. The truth is, most of the rest of the world still recognizes Ukraine’s claim. We’ve covered this development in detail, admittedly because we lived there briefly in the 90’s. But the truth is, this political development has huge implications for organizations and missionaries working in the region. For example, will workers now have to approach a different embassy to travel there? Apparently so. Are you there? Are you learning insider info? Any tips for workers headed there in the near future? If so, please click “Comment” immediately following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your input!

15) Closing Stuff

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