2) Garrison’s “A Wind In The House Of Islam” Now Available

House of Islam bookThousands of copies that have been pre-ordered are now on their way around the world. David Garrison’s new book will encourage, challenge, inspire, and teach. According to his website, for a short while you’ll still be able to get the book at deep discounts. The book will retail for $18.95, but you can still purchase it for as little as $9.00 each for a case of 40 (more than 52% discount) and $12.00 for single copies. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear where you can find these prices. If you click on Bookstore at Garrison’s own site, the price is already listed at the retail. At this point, we suggest you use the “Contact us” link at the website…


and explain you’d like to purchase at the lower price according to the landing page of the website. They’ll almost HAVE to honor the lower price until they change their own home page price discounts. However, act quickly if you want this reduced price. My hunch is, once they see this Brigada item, they might remove the discount plan at the home page.

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