8) Looking for a Multi-User Online Spreadsheet?

OK… as I look at that title, I realize — you’re probably saying, “Who needs that?” But think of what you could do with an online multi-user spreadsheet. You could, for example, plan your next event, including due dates, task completion status, budget, and actual expenses and registration income. Because it’s online and multi-user, it would be easy to share and update everyone on your event team, remote colleagues, and key vendors. And what if you haven’t yet settled on a CRM software yet. Use SmartSheet to keep track of inquirers for your next short-term trip, or applicants for your org. And with full gantt chart tracking capabilities, you could use it for dated phases in your building project or even as your org strategy planning and tracking app. You could even use it as your daily task manager, if you like. Learn more at…


Note that with the less expensive plans, you’re limited on creators for spreadsheets, but once they’re created, you’ll enjoy unlimited users. Think about that: Unlimited users… with Gantt charts, web forms, and mobile viewing.

3 Responses to 8) Looking for a Multi-User Online Spreadsheet?
  1. Matt Reply

    I’ve been using Google Drive for multi-user spreadsheets for the past several years. They even have the handy feature of creating a web form that can be posted as a link or shared by email. The form automatically populates a corresponding spreadsheet so you don’t have to handle the data twice–and it’s completely free.

  2. Glyn Reply

    I agree with Matt

  3. Allen Reply

    Ditto to above, Google already does it and does it very well for free.

    Furthermore if Google doesn’t do it and there is a desire for it then good chance it will happen soon. Not many are as innovative with the deep pockets to make the changes.

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