10) What’s Your Favorite Encrypted Email Provider?

We keep coming back to this item… but we do so because, for Christian cross-cultural travelers, it’s one of the most-relied-upon tools… like a hammer or circular saw for a carpenter. So what’s your favorite? Are you simply a Gmail user, in spite of the ads and marketing? If so, learn more at…


Just click “Create an account” at the bottom of the page.

Have you taken it one step further in privacy and protection by setting up a Hushmail account? Learn more at…


They might not be the most innovative or nimble on their feet, but, it boils down to this: Hushmail just usually works. Maybe they don’t have all the bells and whistles. Maybe there’s no iphone app. But when it comes to the basics of privacy and price (free, as long as you remember to check your account at least once every 3 weeks), their model works.

There are other options. Some use




What’s your favorite solution?

9 Responses to 10) What’s Your Favorite Encrypted Email Provider?
  1. jack Reply

    We like http://solidrocktech.com/ Tom is former staff with an agency with mostly imbedded servants. Now with his own company, he has expanded his offerings.

  2. RichardK Reply

    Free service is good, but remember that NOTHING passing through Google is secure or anonymous. Google “mines” transmissions and data for useful info that can be used to target advertising — which is Google’s right, of course. But if something is really sensitive, consider whether you want unknown eyes looking at it.

  3. James L Reply

    Gmail might be “secure” but their servers are parked all over the world, included non-secure locations, staffed by non-secure individuals, so really is it secure to a curious, unscrupulous employee?
    http://www.directpost.net is a fabulous offer by a top notch tech team with the Great Commission at the heart of what they do. Others like fastmail.fm and swissmail.org are also highly appreciated by people working in sensitive contexts.

  4. James L Reply

    oops it’s not directpost.net, it should be: http://www.gseaonline.com

  5. Tim Reply

    We’ve used Swissmail.org for years. Never had a complaint.

  6. Arend Van Dorp Reply

    You should really have mentioned Psmail.net. Many people working cross-culturally are using this service. It’s very secure, and offers a free VPN service, secure online file storage, etc.

  7. Mark Reply

    I use swissmail.org. It is located in Switzerland and is free of ads. It does cost $35 a year. I have used it for 5 years with no problems in a restricted access nation.

  8. TonyF Reply

    runbox.com is based in Norway where there are amazingly strict privacy laws. Also, their web-based email access is encrypted in such a way as ensure privacy. Reasonable cost and very reliable. See their site for details. Customer support is excellent; free trial available.

  9. Timothy Reply

    Check out https://silentcircle.com and http://mywickr.com. They also do messaging.

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