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Brigada Today 2014-03-23


In this issue…
1) Workflowy Has Potential: Outliner, Goals, Tasks, and more
2) Several Options for Encrypted Email
3) What Kind of Impact Can One Wolf Make?
4) Do you Love Billy Graham? There’s an App for Him
5) Kids like to Color? …Play games? Learn Bible Heroes?
6) What’s Your Opinion on Email Signatures?
7) Advertise Your Mission Job … or Find One
8) Join with Others Who Minister to Internationals
9) Your Reaction to a Series on Financing Missions?
10) “Half-filling” the Great Commission?
11) Gear up for Service at Abilene Christian University
12) Learn How To Use Mobile Technology for Your Ministry
13) Thanks for Your Shared Vision and Partnership
14) The BackPage: Faith Must be Action-Focused!
15) Closing Stuff

1) Workflowy Has Potential: Outliner, Goals, Tasks, and more —

workflowy_logo_largeMy teammates love to poke fun at me for the number of software products that I’ve tried over the years. I seem to have been especially prolific (another way of saying that I’ve been fickle? :-) ) when it comes to collaboration and task management products (maybe more than CRM’s). I guess I’ve tried Remember the Milk, Todoist, Springpad, Wunderlist, Outlook, Producteev, TeuxDeux, Nozbi, and scores of others. In fact, the list is so long, I’m pretty sure if I would have just DONE the tasks (instead of tracking them), maybe the Great Commission would have been finished by now and we could all just go to Heaven. (OK – I’m joking there.) But I SERIOUSLY have a new app that I’m really liking, and the price is right. Find it at…


They have a free version, but if you like it, I highly suggest you pony up the $3.99 or so to try the paid version. It’s quick and easy to learn. There are lots of tagging options. They’ve already rolled out apps for your digital devices and those apps even work offline. The Google Chrome offline web version works great too, but they have another offline version in the works as well, apparently. They’re soon going to add due dates and links to calendars, as well. It seems really flexible and, if you pony up the $3.99/month, you can even interact real-time simultaneously (though it seems there are not yet any notifications of your teammates’ changes; bummer). I’ll request that and maybe they’ll add it soon. Either way, we suggest you give it a try.

3) What Kind of Impact Can One Wolf Make? —

I stay in touch with 7 other guys who lead 7 other missions agencies. The 8 of us do a 3-day retreat once a year to build camaraderie, reduce feelings of competition, share resources, and strengthen one another’s ministries. This past week, one of those colleagues shared this video:

I found it fascinating. Though it’s not intrinsically spiritual, per se, I thought of a ton of metaphors and loved all the parables that occurred to me after watching it. I’ll just give one example:

*** Think of the difference one “species” (or person or agency) can make in a very big world. We just need to sort out the right fit or approach. Once we do, amazing things can happen. So we should never discount our action steps for the nations.

What kind of lesson or metaphor do YOU think of when you watch how wolves change rivers? Thanks in advance for jotting your response down so the rest of us can learn from it. Just please click into one of the “Comment” boxes below the web version of this item.
(Thanks again, Greg, for sharing the wolf video!)

4) Do you Love Billy Graham? There’s an App for Him —

billygrahamDo you (or did you used to) enjoy the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Grab their free app to get a new Billy Graham Devotion every day in an easy-to-read, mobile-friendly format. Learn more at…


Watch and share some of our most-requested videos including their monthly TV specials and classic Billy Graham sermons. Listen to their latest radio programs including the weekly Hour of Decision featuring inspiring messages from Billy Graham and Franklin Graham – plus classic crusades and a live stream of 106.9 The Light. You’ll get the Bible in mobile-friendly reading and listen-aloud audio formats with a customized reading plan to bring God’s word alive in your daily life. The app also has spiritual help and evangelism tools to help you share Christ with others. (Thanks to Mobile Advance, www.mobileadvance.org, for letting us know about this find.)

6) What’s Your Opinion on Email Signatures? —

Non-SignatureMy internet life began for real in the fall of 1995. My mentors for life on the ‘net were Jonathan M. and Pete H. For whatever reason, they never pushed the whole idea of using a “signature line.” You probably know what I mean…


Those 4- or 5-line information packs that explain who you are and how to get hold of you. Nowadays, it seems like just about everyone is using one. However, there’s a part of me that still balks. Jonathan taught me to be careful about information. He also encouraged me to leave off “fluff.” “Be kind to the bandwidth,” was his mantra. If signature lines start to multiply in replies, like a feedback loop in a sound system, the howl of wasted bandwidth would ring in his ears. But is it true? … that Outlook and other modern email clients have sophisticated settings that only use signatures in the first reply and not others in the thread? If so, is it time to start using them? What’s your opinion? Speak your mind by clicking “comment” after this message on the web. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

8) Join with Others Who Minister to Internationals —

acmi-2014-date-bannerThe Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) is a network of Christians and ministries who reach international students with the gospel. This year’s ACMI conference hosts international ministry organizations in Atlanta, GA, USA, May 29-31, 2014 – to explore how cities, campuses, and churches represent “Kingdom Intersections” for global-local world missions. Well known author-speakers include Soong-Chan Rah, Christine Pohl, Trae Vacek, and Stephen Um. ACMI 2014 will include multi-cultural worship, optional visits to a Hindu temple and mosque, plus 35 practical workshops to equip conferees in best practices to reach international students. Conferees will be housed on the Midtown Atlanta Georgia Tech campus, in the 1996 Olympic Village. For best prices, be sure to register before April 17. For more ACMI 2014 information, visit:


10) “Half-filling” the Great Commission? —

Do you feel like you are only half-filling the Great Commission? You have gone across the room, across the street or across the sea to make and baptize disciples, but now you are trying to fulfill the rest of Christ’s command . . . “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

Entrust is offering its intensive discipleship training courses (developed in Eastern Europe) on U.S. soil this June and September in Colorado. These are ideal for people who want to fulfill (not half-fill) the Great Commission in the States and around the world. Find out more at…


11) Gear up for Service at Abilene Christian University —

Considering more preparation to join God in mission? Check out the new MA in Global Service. Learn while doing-In your own context or one of the ACU’s 6 supervised global sites (Dallas, NYC, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chicago, Mexico City, and Austin, TX). Engage missional formation in a cohort with other passionate servants and learners. Grow with mentoring and spiritual supervision. Plus — they have some amazing scholarships. Learn more at…


12) Learn How To Use Mobile Technology for Your Ministry —

ministry forumThe Mobile Ministry Training Course is a newly expanded, six-week online course to introduce ministry opportunities using mobile devices. By 2015, the majority of all Internet access will be through mobile devices. This presents a unique, two-way communication channel to use for Kingdom advancement. The course begins April 8, runs through May 19, and the cost is $55. Each week contains both theoretical and practical elements. The only requirements: an Internet connection, a computer, and a mobile phone (smart-phone or feature phone). This opportunity is offered through Mobile Ministry Forum and course information can be found at:


13) Thanks for Your Shared Vision and Partnership —

God bless the First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County, Manchester, MO, for having sent a $100 gift this past week. We praise the Lord for their partnership and encouragement! Their gift will help share resources, motivation, and news about unreached peoples to thousands of Brigada subscribers plus those who visit the website at brigada.org.

If you’d like to help as well, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ’s worldwide work in the form of a check payable to Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

14) The BackPage: Faith Must be Action-Focused! —

faithWe read in Romans 1:5 that we have received grace and apostleship through Him to bring about the obedience of faith among all the nations, on behalf of His name. Here at Brigada, we’ve recently been tossing over the concept that the idea of “having faith,” though it might function like a possession in English, is actually more like an action verb in the original language. To make matters worse, faith is a word used in many contexts these days and, in fact, it seems to be used rather loosely. But the Greek for faith, pisteuo, is clearly “to have faith in, trust; particularly, to be firmly persuaded as to something.” A great example of faith in action is Hebrews 11. By faith:

• Noah built an ark;
• Abraham went out, not knowing where he was going;
• Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice;
• Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau
• The Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

In each of the instances above, a person’s faith leaped into action. This reminds us that faith, our belief in a God that is all powerful, demands behavior. It’s no longer ok for us just to sit in a pew (or an office chair). I must turn my own faith into action. True faith has to have an Action Focus!

So what kind of action focus will YOU tackle? If you have an opinion on faith (or any thought related to the above), just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion!

(*Note: Some of the above ideas were spawned from “Word for the Day” by JD Watson. And thanks to the Brigada team for generating cool thoughts about faith in action!)

15) Closing Stuff —

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