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Brigada Today 2014/04/27

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In this edition:

In this issue…
1) Hard to Find Life Insurance
2) Missions-oriented Worship Video Free for your Use
3) Where Does one Start to Read about Support-raising?
4) YouSendIt is Now… And Just as Handy
5) Need Business as Mission Resources?
6) Mental Health and the Church: The Event
7) Working in Overseas Youth Ministry? Check out These Links
8) Share the Heart if Isa with Your Muslim Friend
9) Your Thoughts on this Article about China?
10) National Day of Prayer for USA: You’re Invited
11) Global PrayerCast is This Wednesday
12) Women’s Bible Café Connects You to the World
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: Where Do We Find African-American Missionaries?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Hard to Find Life Insurance —

mission trip insuranceAre you in need of life insurance that will cover you in far-away places? Have you been turned down by life insurance companies because of where you live or because of the work that you do overseas? We recently heard that Insurance Consultants International (ICI), the people who service the international insurance needs of short-term and long-term workers around the world through , now offers guaranteed issue term life insurance for those serving overseas! Their plan has face amounts up to $4 Million with terms of 1 to 10 years. From what we have seen, the rates are VERY affordable as well! For example, a 35 year old male living in the Philippines can get $100,000 of 10 year level term life for $122 PER YEAR! Check it out at

or give Mark a call at +1-800-576-2674 ext. 103 in the USA.

3) Where Does one Start to Read about Support-raising?

the god askThis past week, someone asked our support-raising coach, Wendy, where she would send them to learn more about support-raising. Keep in mind, she’s trained with support-raising coaches from all over the country. She’s helped literally hundreds of new missionaries get started on the support-raising trail. So what was her answer? Simple: “I highly recommend book, The God Ask, by Steve Shadrach. You will find it easy and useful!” Check out “The God Ask” here…

4) YouSendIt is Now… And Just as Handy —

hightailGot a huge file you need to transfer to someone else? Won’t fit in their inbox? No worries: Enter (formerly ).

This service allows files up to 250MB in size to be transferred without sweat. In fact, file storage is now 2 gig — for free! The service verifies recipients, encrypts everything sent, AND provides desktop and mobile apps. What’s not to like about that? :-)

5) Need Business as Mission Resources? —

thinktankThe ‘Global Think Tank on Business as Mission’ has been bringing people together to learn more about the strategy of business as mission since it launched in 2012. The Think Tank is now releasing a series of equipping papers and reports for those interested in Business as Mission. Each of the reports covers a particular topic or geographical region and has involved collaboration by BAM leaders worldwide. Topic-focused reports published so far are: Business as Mission and Church Planting, Franchising, BAM and Human Trafficking, Hostile Environments, BAM at the Base of the Pyramid and Biblical Foundations for BAM. Geographically-focused reports include: Mongolia, Iran, Nordic countries, Haiti and the latest, “Business as Mission in and from China”. The next report to be published will be on metrics for BAM companies, looking at how we can measure spiritual, social and environmental impact, as well as the economic bottom-line.

Download reports and see all reports in series here:

Sign up for Think Tank news and notifications about new reports here:

6) Mental Health and the Church: The Event —

mentalhealthworkshopThe Gathering on Mental Health and the Church took place at Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, USA, on March 28, 2014. Catholics, Evangelicals, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness came together on behalf of mental health with an estimated 10,000 people participating in person and online. To learn more and see follow-up briefs, browse to…

(Thanks to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for reporting on this event to us this past week. Learn more about their work at )

8) Share the Heart if Isa with Your Muslim Friend —

radio of former muslimAny Muslim from any part of the world, he can hear about Jesus. Just tell your Muslim friend, from any smart phone just go to Apps and type Asdikaa Al Maghribe. Asdikaa Al Maghribe is a radio by internet and most speakers are former Muslims speaking to their own people to explain to them who is Jesus and why we need him as Savior.

9) Your Thoughts on this Article about China? —

chinaHave you worked in China? Know someone who does? What are your thoughts on this article, which holds that China is on course to become the “world’s most Christian nation” within 15 years.

(Thanks to Caleb, who tipped us off to this article. He actually thinks it’s a bit misleading, because, by another measure, one might talk about the proportion of the nation that is Christian – not just the sheer numbers of believers alone.)

10) National Day of Prayer for USA: You’re Invited —

This Thursday, May 1st, is National Day of Prayer in the USA and you’re invited. Stop by the website at…

You can watch both the April 30th gathering as well as the May 1st Day of Prayer live on the web for no charge. There are helpful videos and guides for those wanting to volunteer in their regions. This song by Sanctus Real serves almost as a kind of theme song…

See if you can make something happen in your own community.

11) Global PrayerCast is This Wednesday —

Don’t forget that you can tune in to over 25 countries as well as over 25 churches from around the USA on April 30th at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific/MST) just by browsing to…

This particular Global PrayerCast features three major themes: global suffering (poverty, human trafficking, and hunger), unreached peoples and cities, and finally, revitalization of your church for the sake of our hurting world. Please join the broadcast!
Prayercast Graphic

12) Women’s Bible Café Connects You to the World —

women studyLooking for a chance to connect with other women like you who want to study the Word together from around the world? Check out…

Check out the “prayer wall,” stop by the bookstore, find a special speaker, and do online Bible studies today. They also do book reviews, a book of the month, and a whole lot more. Hope it can help you connect with the world. (Thanks for the tip, Tina!)

13) We’re Grateful… —

Thank-you-2We’re always thankful when Brigada participants pitch in toward expenses. This past week, we’re grateful for a $20 gift from Ontario, Canada. God bless you!
We also received $30 from Lingua House, Vancouver, WA (creators of the well-known “LAMP” technique, which is what our team used in Uruguay back in 1982. It worked in an amazing way for me personally and I’m extremely grateful to Betty Sue Brewster for carrying on their work that she and Tom started back in the late 70’s). See their website at…

to learn more about their resources, which help you learn language as a social experience rather than solely as an academic activity.

Would you like to join Ontario in supporting Brigada? Undergird an entire week’s worth of Brigada for just $340! That covers expenses to pay our assistant, along with marketing, server, domain, and web-hosting costs. To chip in, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. We’ll quickly send a thank-you note and receipt. We won’t add you to any mailing list unless you request it. Thanks for your prayers, your partnership, and your participation in the Brigada family!

14) The BackPage: Where Do We Find African-American Missionaries? —

globe-flagsThis past week, a brother in Atlanta posed a difficult question to me: why is it that there are so few Christians of color active in Mission work? … and how will we motivate more to take part? This brother didn’t leave me without recourse to begin studying the problem. He suggested a name and, sure enough, it turned out that a gentleman named Jim Sutherland has researched the problem in-depth. For example, see his dissertation at…

In this study, African American mission executives helped to refine a survey that was sent to African American cross-cultural missionaries to determine reasons for the under representation of Blacks (African Americans) in intercultural missions. One hundred and two surveys were returned. SoA theory is proposed and supported from findings that the core worldview value of survival / security in current African American culture explains the under-representation. Implications for recruitment of African American missionaries are given for both Black and White mission recruiters as well as recommendations to the Church to remedy deeper issues of racism. Do you have input, counterpoint, or supporting opinions? If so, just click “comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for participating!

(Thanks, Pastors Bank and Sharon, for helping us)

15) Closing Stuff —

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