10) We Love Missions Catalyst —

SubscribeIn those early days, Missions Catalyst operated as a part of the Brigada family of email conferences. (See the Missions Catalyst “About” page for more info at…


I can remember midnight exchanges with the then-editor, Nate Wilson. Later, when Shane and Marti picked it up, I could see it would only become better with each passing year. Though I’ve never met Pat, she adds a great service with the international news briefs. They’re a great team and we highly recommend subscribing. Just click “Sign up for our emails,” in the middle of the page at…


Until the next issue comes out, you can read their stuff in a web version at…


3 Responses to 10) We Love Missions Catalyst —
  1. Shane Reply

    Thanks for the plug, Doug. Missions Catalyst and Brigada are brothers from different mothers!

  2. Marti Wade Reply

    Hey, 20+ new subscribers today – no doubt due to your mention here. Thanks for the love, Brigada! (It’s mutual…)

  3. Editor Reply

    Shane and Marti, thanks for your dedication to the same cause!

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