4) New Book on Singles in Mission —

missionAre you (or someone you know) single, either comfortably so or not? Either way, Debbie Hawker and Tim Herbert have now published, “Single Mission: Thriving as a Single Person in Cross-Cultural Ministry,” (2013) and, odds are, their work will likely have a relevant chapter. it comes highly recommended by our good friends, Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell, of Member Care Associates. They wrote, “Single Mission aims to encourage and equip single mission personnel, and to help them be strong in their faith, effective in their ministry, resilient and content with their lifestyle… Chapters have been contributed by over 30 women and men from six continents.” It comes with 4 parts and an appendix: Part One: Single mission workers from different cultures (18 chapters), Part Two: Sexuality (8 chapters), Part Three: The journey from singleness to marriage (8 chapters), Part Four: What we know about single people in ministry (6 chapters), Appendices: (4 chapters). We’ve needed this kind of resource for some time. Sounds like it’ll scratch an itch. Find the Kindle edition here…


and the paperback edition here…


(Thanks again, Kelly and Michele!)

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