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In this edition:

In this issue…
1) Online Missionary Training Available
2) Need a Way to Integrate Your Expenses with Quickbooks?
3) Community Health Evangelism In Florida USA In June
4) Want to Teach Kids the Missional Values?
5) You Can Be A Missionary At Home
6) What Are You Really Made Of? (Security Training)
7) Need Music? Try Rdio, Spotify, eMusic, and More
8) Don’t Miss the Global PrayerCast
9) Not Sure What your Myers Briggs “type” is?
10) Are You a News Junkie? You Might Like Zite or Flipboard
11) Are you a Book-Junkie? (Try GoodReads)
12) They Say it’s the Fastest Browser for Your iPhone
13) We’re Grateful… (Help Get Brigada Out the Door)
14) The BackPage: Christ is Risen… He’s risen indeed!
15) Closing Stuff

1) Online Missionary Training Available —

M_Indonesia_Madurese_MF_AK_001-300x199Global Frontier Missions has been training missionaries to serve among unreached people groups for over 12 years. They started in Oaxaca, Mexico and now have a training base in Atlanta where they equip people while making disciples among refugee populations from over 50 countries. GFM also just launched an online version of their training program for those that live overseas. It is a great way to get pre-field training before heading abroad or to sharpen your skills if you are already overseas and want additional tools for ministry.

Find information about the in person training here…


and the online training here…


2) Need a Way to Integrate Your Expenses with Quickbooks? —


shoeboxedAnd are you willing to pay $30/month to do it? (That’s quite a premium, right?) Maybe we need a guinea pig to try their “free” plan …


See what you think. See their plans and pricing at…


To try their free plan, click “Skip this…” in the upper right. Note there are limits on the number of documents you can scan per month.

Personally, I’ve been using iXpenseit for a couple of years, and it works great, but doesn’t have Quickbooks integration.


What’s your favorite expense-tracking software? (Just click “Comment” beneath the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for your help! and thanks to Tina for finding and suggesting this item.)

3) Community Health Evangelism In Florida USA In June —

che.networkYouth With A Mission (YWAM) Orlando is hosting a Community Health
Evangelism (CHE) Training of Trainers 1 (TOT1)


from June 9 to 13, Monday through Friday. This will be a part of YWAM
Orlando’s School of Missions.


The trainer has considerable experience doing CHE in India. Successful completion of the 33-hour CHE TOT1 training earns a certificate and access to CHE materials. Cost for CHE TOT1 training and all materials: USD $150. Optional cost for room and board (while space lasts) is
$100 for five nights in dormitory-style housing. Space is limited. Inquiries will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis. The registration cut-off is May 19. For more info, email
launchteamatywamorlandodotcom or call +1-407-273-1667.

5) You Can Be A Missionary At Home —

Most Turks are Muslims and have never heard the message of salvation. Only one in 900,000 is a Christian. However, by sending Gospel Letters prepared in their language you can reach Turks in their own nation, Northern Cyprus, Bulgaria and Western Europe.

The letters explain the way of salvation in terms that Muslims understand, and point them to Christian resources in their own language. Those who respond are followed-up by dedicated Christian workers. To date, hundreds of Turks have turned to Christ after receiving one of these letters. In fact, as many as 13 baptisms a week have been reported.

If you choose to become a Gospel Letter Volunteer, your role will be to provide your own postage and envelopes and to address, pray over and mail ten Turkish letters a month. To learn more, contact Steve

6) What Are You Really Made Of? (Security Training) —

securityWe all know that there are dangers associated with Missions, one of the greatest being the inability to make the right decisions under extreme pressure. Morton Security Solutions is offering Field Training for Faith Based Organizations through their Leadership Development Course in Tucson, AZ, on June 27th and 28th. This is a two-day training consisting of classroom instruction, tabletop exercises and hands on scenario based training. All of the scenarios are relevant and aimed at making prepared leaders and good stewards. All of their instructors are prior or current Special Forces Operators, Military Intelligence Officers, Customs and Border Agents and other Federal Law Enforcement Officers. They are all very professional, well-educated and dedicated to His word. They are taking 25 students for the June course. Sign up before June 1, 2014,


8) Don’t Miss the Global PrayerCast —

Prayercast GraphicRemember that you can tune in to over 25 countries and over 25 churches from around the USA on April 30th at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific/MST) just by browsing to…


This particular Global PrayerCast features three major themes: global suffering (poverty, human trafficking, hunger), unreached peoples and cities, and finally, revitalization of your church for the sake of our hurting world. Please join the broadcast!

13) We’re Grateful… (Help Get Brigada Out the Door) —

Thank-you-2There are tons of people who can’t afford to give to Brigada. They are hungry, thirsty, or sick. They might read from prison, or maybe from the mission field. Either way, they can’t give. Or maybe they can’t give much. ISA gave $7.26 this past week. Learn more about the insurance policies they serve up, whether for trip cancellation insurance or otherwise, at…


Would you like to join ISA in supporting Brigada? Underscore an entire week’s worth of Brigada for just $340! That covers expenses to pay our assistant, along with marketing, server, domain, and web-hosting costs. To chip in, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or, mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. We’ll quickly send a thank-you note and receipt. We won’t add you to any mailing list unless you request it. Thanks for your prayers, your partnership, and your participation in the Brigada family!

14) The BackPage: Christ is Risen… He’s risen indeed! —

When our family was living in the USSR in 1991, on Easter weekend, everyone greeted us with the phrase, “Christ is risen,” and we were supposed to answer, “He is risen indeed.” Everyone chanted it in a near-sing-song tone. It was a real encouragement. But little did I know that nearly quarter of a century later, they’d still be chanting it.

You see, today I received what had to have been my 22nd annual “Christ is Risen,” greeting from the diesel mechanic who became the pastor of the megachurch that God raised up right before our very eyes. So faithful, so determined, Zhenya continues to preach, teach, and inspire people yet today. In spite of Russian soldiers poised on the border of his very land, Zhenya is still worried about greeting me with that traditional Russian sing-song greeting. Christ is risen: He is risen indeed.

I bet you and your family have Easter traditions as well. Pictures on the front porch? Pointing out the Easter lilies, blooming along the road or in the yard of that old house down the street. An Easter basket with plastic grass? A chocolate bunny? Whatever your tradition might be, we invite you to accept Zhenya’s enduring Ukrainian tradition as your very own: Try teaching this simple “Paschal Greeting,” to others in you church, home group, or family. Then explain that these words remind you of growth among new churches and members in Ukraine. In fact, please make it a part of your prayer today, on Easter, to thank God for the fact that Christ is risen — he is risen indeed.

To see this story in video form, watch either of these sources (both the same video):



15) Closing Stuff

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