9) Your Thoughts on this Article about China? —

chinaHave you worked in China? Know someone who does? What are your thoughts on this article, which holds that China is on course to become the “world’s most Christian nation” within 15 years.


(Thanks to Caleb, who tipped us off to this article. He actually thinks it’s a bit misleading, because, by another measure, one might talk about the proportion of the nation that is Christian – not just the sheer numbers of believers alone.)

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  1. David Reply

    The article cannot adequately cover the complex variety of situations of 1.3 billion people. Yes, the number of professed Christians is rapidly growing. Yet the maturity level of many Christians is very low and not growing very fast. There is much to praise God for and MUCH work remains to be done to teach them to observe all that Jesus has commanded us. (Matthew 28:20)

  2. KatHat Reply

    Much of what is quoted is from Fenggang Yang, sociology prof at Purdue. He authored Religion in China: Survival & Revival Under Communist Rule. The Telegraph author quotes Yang as a leading expert on religion in China.

  3. Joann Reply

    I posted a response to this article on the ChinaSource Blog. The title of the post is “China – the Most Christian Nation? Three Comments and a Story.”


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