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2014/05/25 — Brigada Today

Compiled and edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this edition:

1) Frontline Conference Will Update on Islam in USA, World
2) Training in Launching Disciple Making Movements
3) “Seven Agents of Culture” Help Us Prepare to Cross
4) This Org Will Train you to Make an Oral Bible
5) Gacx Forum Coming to San Diego, Oct. 8-10, 2014
6) What Company Helped Brigada with a New Logo?
7) Seeks to Help You Build Pray-ers and Funders
8) Lightweight Sleeping Bag Offers New Level of Comfort/Weight
9) Your Favorite Site to Manage Short-term Missions?
10) Your Favorite Travel Agent for Mission Trips?
11) Why Can’t we Get More People Really to Pray for Missions?
12) Would you Try Yet Another Task Management App with me?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: 4×4 Movements are the Real Thing
15) Closing Stuff

1) Frontline Conference Will Update on Islam in USA, World

registerHave you heard about the “Frontline Conference” in Dallas July 24-26? Learn more at…

This gathering is a joint effort of the Zwemer Institute and Fruitful Practices Research. It will be a valuable time to discover what God is doing and learn from those working with the Muslims in America and around the world. If you are coming please make every effort to register before June 7 so the conference organizers can plan appropriately.

2) Training in Launching Disciple Making Movements

act beyondAct Beyond is 100% focused on unreached people groups and seeing movements to Christ among them. This July 14-18, Act Beyond is offering to the public a modified version of the training their missionaries receive overseas. This course explores biblical principles of disciple making that are often overlooked, case studies of church planting/disciple making movements that are currently happening, and strategies you can use for your focus people group. It will be offered in Plano, Texas, USA. To see all of Act Beyond’s training opportunities and to register, please go to:

Or email
trainingatbeyonddotorg with any questions.

4) This Org Will Train you to Make an Oral Bible

making an oral bibleBetween 2009 and 2014, Kairos International recorded ‘oral Bibles’ in 45 languages. An oral Bible is a recording of 70 of the core stories of the Bible from Creation to Revelation. Check out

Kairos International is now looking for young people who will give one year of their life to go to an unreached people and make an oral Bible for that people. They will reportedly train you in how to make an oral Bible, work out the logistics of how to get you to your people group, help you raise your support, send you out and stand with you to fulfill God’s call. Training will take place September 15-25, 2014. For more info, email

5) Gacx Forum Coming to San Diego, Oct. 8-10, 2014

partnerships in actionThe theme for the upcoming GACX Forum in San Diego will be “Partnerships in Action.” Participants will learn about the power, practice, and pitfalls of partnerships. To register, just click to…

Organizers are hoping to engage task groups in shaping the vision and practices of church planting movements, engaging the unengaged, tracking ministry progress, long-term discipleship & training, and mobilizing the global diaspora.

7) Seeks to Help You Build Pray-ers and Funders

Praelude is an online system designed to facilitate missionaries building 24/7 prayer and full funding. Praelude involves (1) pray-ers selecting a 20 minute window in apraelude missionary’s week and committing to pray for them some time during that window. (2) The missionary adds current prayer requests to the site (I aim for once or twice a week.). (3) An hour before the pray-er’s selected time, they receive an email or text message to remind them and provide the current prayer requests. (4)There’s also a link to click after praying to indicate they’ve done so. (5) That click gets reported to the missionary as someone having prayed, which, as you might imagine, is very encouraging! The weekly prayer commitment is coupled with a monthly financial donation of at least $20. That’s encouraging too. Check it out at…

(Thanks to our good friend, Shane, for filling us in on Praelude. We appreciate you Shane!)

8) Lightweight Sleeping Bag Offers New Level of Comfort/Weight

STS_Spark-pckg-63x58When you travel internationally, do you ever wish you could take with you your own sleeping bag?… especially when traveling to a cold climate? Say you’re headed to Argentina for your summer internship. Perhaps you’ll NEED something like this…

It looks like Sea to Summit has found a way to create a fairly warm bag with so little loft and weight that it can be packed, essentially, inside a toiletry kit. Fascinating. It seems to be setting a new standard for staying warm while on the road internationally! (Thanks for the tip, Caleb!)

10) Your Favorite Travel Agent for Mission Trips?

travel agentThose same global outreach pastors couldn’t say enough about the MTS travel rep for California. Find her, I believe (in the USA), at 1-800-642-8315, or email (from anywhere)

They obviously believed she was uniquely qualified and that she had shown a set of unique traits to go way beyond the call of duty to book travel months in advance, then take the deposit just 60 days before travel, AND consistently to beat just about every other site with the best prices and the best arrangements. Way beyond the call.

Do you have a favorite agent? We’ve covered this topic before – in threads like this one…

We should probably revisit it now in 2014. Your favorite site or agent?

11) Why Can’t we Get More People Really to Pray for Missions?

prayer girlThis was a break-out group we tackled with the global outreach pastors in California. It seemed that many of us had experienced the same ache: Why is it that our church might run 4000 in attendance, but when we organize a time slot specifically to pray for unreached peoples or missions, we only have 40 (maximum!) show up? … and what can we do to improve on that? How can we get prayer the attention that it deserves? Your ideas?

12) Would you Try Yet Another Task Management App with me?

droptaskDo you dare? :-) If so, try …

Why am I liking this app this week? :-)
First, it will allow you to forward it an email and, because of your “From:” address, it will add it into your correct task list, securely.
Second, you can set up recurring task items.
Third, it allows for multiple contexts, multiple items (tasks).
Fourth, it has a quick and attractive user interface.
Fifth, it will easily sync across the members of your team, regardless of the size. And it’s more affordable than nearly every other event handler. Check it out at the site above. There’s a strong discount for non-profits.

13) We’re Grateful for…

thank you blocksThanks to those who give to help Brigada pays its bills, including our new part-time assistant, Tina. Your funds help get Brigada out the door and onto 7500 computer screens literally all over the globe, many of which are focused on reaching unreached peoples. This week we’re thankful for $319.81 from ISA insurance. Apparently, several people purchased trip cancellation insurance with them (and thank you College Heights!). Learn more about their offerings at…

They provide insurance plans for those who need international health, and travel insurance, as well as those who want to be reimbursed if their travel plans change or are interrupted by anything in any way. I’ve had to collect before — and it works. God bless you ISA!

We’re also thankful for $100 from Mission Network, Mount Vernon, WA. God bless you! and for…
$25 from a Brigada booster in New Castle, CA. God bless you brother! and…
$100 from DELTA Ministries International. DELTA wrote that it “values Brigada and I would like them recognized vs me personally. Keep up the good work Doug and team!” Thanks Delta Ministries!!!

14) The BackPage: 4×4 Movements are the Real Thing

4x4movementI’ve got a great friend named Robby. He’s REALLY involved in researching what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to efficacy for the Great Commission. In fact, he wrote this past week to say, “In 34 years of researching what is bearing the most fruit that others can learn from, I’ve not seen anything like the fruitfulness and collaborative learning that is taking place around emerging movements in the U.S.” He added that the Mar/Apr Mission Frontiers would highlight these movements:×4-movements

He believes so strongly in these movements, he offered to ship, for free, quantities of 60 or so to anyone who will make good use of them (donations welcome but not required)

He told me he had worked for a couple decades in the USA without leading anyone to Christ. As a result, he has become convinced that working with the Holy Spirit to lead others to Christ is something anyone can and should learn and teach. He mentioned that, the night before, he had led two international students (one from Hong Kong and the other from Vietnam) into separate conversations about what they believe, and prayed for one to receive healing for an injury. Meanwhile his wife had just led two Japanese students to Christ, using a small (4″x6″ 32-page) booklet. View the PDF or order free copies here:

He noted that the case studies in MF “describe the additional elements necessary to turn conversions like this into a movement.”

Certainly, if more of us would pick up this personal burden in our own countries (regardless of where we’re from), more people would be coming to Christ AND more churches would be planted. May God help our church to grow and flourish. (Thanks Robby!)

15) Closing Stuff

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