14) The BackPage: Three Cheers for PeopleGroups.org

The IMB (International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Church) has done us a huge favor by gathering great research data, then presenting it in a manageable fashion, at…


The best way to get started it to watch Jim Haney’s great intro at…

Then, dive in. Explore, Understand, Connect and Act. This is some of the best data we have available to date, updated regularly, so it will be relevant, real-time, and reality-based for your planning and implementation. Team this site with the stand-by,


and you’ve got a great “one-two punch” for understanding the task remaining. Thanks to all the hard work Jim and his crew have invested. Our futures are brighter because of it! And so are those of unreached peoples around the world.

2 Responses to 14) The BackPage: Three Cheers for PeopleGroups.org
  1. Garry Brock Reply

    I am disappointed that there is still nothing much about urbanization or the urban poor as unreached people groups. Even if people balk at calling urban populations a “people group”, they are surely an affinity group.

  2. Allan Lee Reply

    I also suggest http://www.etnopedia.org, especially for more accurate information about the people groups of Mexico.

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