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2014/06/15 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this edition:

1) Players Who Use their Celebrity can Touch the World
2) Earn an MA degree while completing Forge Residency
3) Train And Place Your Church Mission Team In 12 Months
4) If We Didn’t Already Have Enough Concerns About Security
5) Travel Secure App by Morton
6) Prepare to Share with Muslims at Engaging Islam
7) New Course Offers Six-session Study on the Great Commission
8) What Can You Tell us About the Keystone Project?
9) Looking For a Great Passport and/or Visa Expediter?
10) You Might Enjoy this set of Animated Maps
11) Oral Bible Storying: Learn How Jesus Told HIS Story
12) Try These Resources for Sharing Love and Hope with Muslims
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: Why Do Our Earbuds Always Tangle?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Resources for Those Returning Home from Service

Thanks to Brigada participant, Jack, for writing this past week to ask if we had ever archived any resources “on how to help returning missionaries in transition; Maybe the do’s and don’ts.” The first thing I did was go to


and, in the search box at the top of the page, I just typed in “reentry” and hit enter. No small amount of resources popped up instantly, including…


Among them were several items which had spawned multiple comments with still other resources. In fact, among those items was a full-length electronic book, for free, entitled, “Before You Get ‘Home’: Preparing for Reentry.” We hope this was helpful to Jack, but now I’m wondering, do you know of still other resources on this topic? Anything brand new? If so, thanks for your help!

2) Even in Cities, Enter with People Group Eyes

704internationalstudentsYou’ll hear this from virtually any experienced missiologist: Yes, just over half of the world’s residents live in urban areas now, for the first time in the history of the world. But that doesn’t mean we chuck what we’ve learned about unreached people groups. In fact, the best missiology would say, “enter with people group eyes.” How does this turn out? Well if you enter a city like Murcia, Spain and just focus on planting churches “among the people of Granada,” then I can tell you with 100% certainty the people that will come: All of the South and Central Americans who have moved there thinking they would find jobs. Of course, many of them do NOT. So now you have, in Granada, Spain, a church filled with unemployed Ecuadorians and, that’s great, but Spaniards aren’t going to fill that church. Oh you might get 1 or 2 Spaniards who are diplomatic enough to enter a church filled with 40 Ecuadorians. But the Spaniards are much more closed. In fact, some might even go so far as to say they are downright unsociable. But with people group thinking, we’re saved from that. People group thinking helps us understand: They aren’t really biased or ethnocentric. It’s just that “birds of a feather flock together.” But here’s the even worse part: In the middle of the city, there are 35,000 North Africans (mostly Moroccans) who, I assure you, won’t EVER consider coming to an evangelical church service. They just won’t do it. So you see, one big problem with focusing only on metro areas is that the strategy will fail because it’s flawed concept. When entering urban areas, one need to approach the city with people group thinking. If it doesn’t work, then we can always drop it later. But in examples like these, people group thinking is critical.

3) Free Booklet Detailing Islamic View of God

200424423-001Thanks to Ted for sharing his booklet about Allah, detailing some of the differences between a typical Muslim’s view of God and that of a typical follower of Jesus. For example, the booklet holds that, to most Muslims, “Allah lacks love. In the Bible love is not an attribute, it is the very nature of God. … For Islam, Allah is too rich, too proud, too independent to need or desire love from humans. Except where it competes with Christianity, Islam is a religion without song. No verses teach love of enemies.” Download the entire free pamphlet at…


4) Did We Discount Twitter Too Quickly?

Blue birdLast week, we included an item about 20% of Twitter accounts being inactive (See last week, “10) Fascinated by Twitter? Let’s Not Get TOO Excited”. But one Brigada participants pointed out that the infographic was five years old. Brian added, “It is also worth noting that you should consider the audience you are trying to reach. Twitter gets high usage in some countries. Here in the U.S., Twitter’s own research has concluded that Christian leaders are among the most active users on Twitter. Definitely do more research before discounting Twitter too much.” What else can you tell us about Twitter? Do you use it? … or do you see it as a waste of time? Have you stumbled on any newer stats?

5) Free Count for Zero Small Group Curriculum

This 6-week study on fulfilling the Great Commission is created by the Issachar Initiative, and available for free download and streaming, or for hard copy purchase at Outreach, Inc. It includes 6 video sessions, participant/leader guide, sermon outlines and more. Download it at…


You can purchase the Small Group and/or Pastor Kit at..

Watch the Count for Zero Introduction video here

(Awesome, Pat. Thanks!)

6) All You Can Read… for One Low Price per Month

scribdTired of buying books the old way, one at a time? Try…


They loan you books on an “all you can eat” cafeteria plan, which might be insanely attractive if you buy more than one book each month. Or suppose you’re overseas and you want to teach your family the value of books! Bam — you can browse, skim, explore to your heart’s content… even if there’s no library nearby.

7) Project Gutenberg: For the Reader Within

gutenbergProject Gutenberg (aka PG) has the largest collection of public domain books. These are the books that out of copyright and available for anyone to use for any purpose. Lots of books from the world’s greatest fiction authors such as Dickens, Joyce, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allan Poe fall into this category. This site is the oldest producer of free ebooks on the Internet. PG is an extremely popular site and now has over 20,000 works. If you’re not sure where to start check out their Top 100 page. Find them at…


8) If you Prefer Short Stories :)

dailylitAre you the type who prefers bitesized chunks? Try DailyLit. It’s a bit different from the typical book site in that it delivers a small excerpt from the book of your choice to your email on a daily basis. You’ll receive one excerpt per day until the book is finished. You can always click to read more, of course. Give it a try, if you don’t have much time to read. :-)


10) Were You a Presenter at ICCM between 1996 and 2000?

iccm_large_logoICCM stands for International Conference on Computing and Missions. If you presented to the group between 1996 to 2000, want a copy of your session? Pete’s willing to run you one. (Note that this is a one-time offer to the presenters only. Pete’s not offering to duplicate copies of sessions for anyone other than the presenter.) You can see the old ICCM sessions at…


If you’re interested in asking for a copy of the session you presented, write Pete at

(Thanks Pete … and thanks to Greg for bubbling this up.)

11) Prayer Notebook App Might be the Berries For You

prayer appEver have someone ask you to pray… and you wanted to make note of it on your smartphone but just didn’t know where? If you put it in your Evernote app, it gets lost with 1000 other notes. So … why not use a special app like…


Or maybe you have your own favorite? If so, please click comment after the web version of this item and tell us about your find! Thanks in advance.

13) Where to Learn About the Hajj

EI-BC019_Mecca_G_20100514113734Having a hard time finding ways to teach the Hajj to your kids? (That’s the name for the required trip to Mecca that every Muslim man is supposed to make if he can… at least once in his life.) Try this site:


It’s FULL of resources to learn/teach about the Hajj. It would take WEEKS to process all these sites. This guy has done a great job assembling everything.

14) The BackPage: What if You’re a Musician and You Only Had Bottles?

Seriously. Suppose you have no guitar, no piano, and no synthesizer? What if all you could find were a few bottles in the dumpster. What kind of music could you make with a few old bottles? See the possibilities, in the right hands, at…


Of course, Paul discussed a similar concept in II Cor. 4:7-18. All we have are jars of clay, but God can take those “cracked pots” and make beautiful music with them. If we’ll just make ourselves available to the master, he can take even the weakest vessel and turn it into something beautiful.

So let’s become an army of empty bottles and let him fill us up with his spirit. He will fill us with just the right amount of whatever he wants. And together, let’s become a symphony of praise in his hands.

Of course, sometimes our skills can spark conflict, but if we just work together, practice with determination, and help each other out, we could overcome impossible odds. If you need to see proof of that in a similar musical vein, just have a look at…

(Thanks, Al, for pointing us to the “Bottle Boys.” And thanks, Tim, for pointing us to the drama of the “Competitive Foursome.”)

15) Closing Stuff

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