6) All You Can Read… for One Low Price per Month

scribdTired of buying books the old way, one at a time? Try…


They loan you books on an “all you can eat” cafeteria plan, which might be insanely attractive if you buy more than one book each month. Or suppose you’re overseas and you want to teach your family the value of books! Bam — you can browse, skim, explore to your heart’s content… even if there’s no library nearby.

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  1. Roland Muller Reply

    I was disappointed to see Brigada mention Scribid. They have been at the center of a copyright war on the Internet. In effect, users” upload copyrighted pdfs. Scribd places ads on them and then gets payment so that users can download other people’s works that Scribd doesn’t have the rights to distribute. In other words, Scribd are essentially making money off pirated content. However, in the last couple of months they have tried to cooperate with some book publishers, but to date I don’t know of anyone who has gotten paid through their scheme. Sadly even my own books are on their site: http://www.scribd.com/RolandMullerMission

    This article outlines the issues:

    • Editor Reply

      Wow Roland. THanks for responding. We had no idea — and we’ll be sure to feature your response in the next edition.

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