14) The BackPage: What if You’re a Musician and You Only Had Bottles?

Seriously. Suppose you have no guitar, no piano, and no synthesizer? What if all you could find were a few bottles in the dumpster. What kind of music could you make with a few old bottles? See the possibilities, in the right hands, at…


Of course, Paul discussed a similar concept in II Cor. 4:7-18. All we have are jars of clay, but God can take those “cracked pots” and make beautiful music with them. If we’ll just make ourselves available to the master, he can take even the weakest vessel and turn it into something beautiful.

So let’s become an army of empty bottles and let him fill us up with his spirit. He will fill us with just the right amount of whatever he wants. And together, let’s become a symphony of praise in his hands.

Of course, sometimes our skills can spark conflict, but if we just work together, practice with determination, and help each other out, we could overcome impossible odds. If you need to see proof of that in a similar musical vein, just have a look at…

(Thanks, Al, for pointing us to the “Bottle Boys.” And thanks, Tim, for pointing us to the drama of the “Competitive Foursome.”)

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