5) Travel Secure App by Morton

morton secure8Now you can download a travel secure app by Morton Security Solutions. Use this app to receive security alerts, research an area and reach out for help from a security professional at MSS. Morton Security Solutions provides crisis management program development, secure travel services, international communications capabilities and training programs. Their services are tailored to your specific organization or church, as well as your strategic goals. They want to enable you to continue to be effective and safe, regardless of where you operate. Find it in the Google Store at…


And look for it on iPhones by searching for “Travel Secure” and the Morton logo.

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  1. Bob A Reply

    Hmmm. I could not find either an app called “Travel Secure” or a company called “Morton” or “Morton Security Solutions” on the App Store for iPhones. Morton’s web site only lists the app for Android phones through Google Play. Any help?

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