1) O’Donnells Release Volume Two of Global Member Care

MemberCare_Cover_PRESS jpgKelly O’Donnell and Michèle Lewis O’Donnell have been at it again. You’re probably familiar with their breakthrough work in member care. After all, their work on “Doing Member Care Well” fairly much defined an industry. Now they’ve released another landmark work, Volume Two of Global Member Care. See the description and promotional materials at…


As they have done on previous occasions, they’re also giving away a lot of free resources at…


Hats off to them for their unselfishness. We should all buy the book to say thanks for all the times they give their ideas and teachings away for free. :-) You can always buy the book on Amazon at…


(Thanks for all your work, Kelly and Michèle. For more on this work, see the BackPage editorial below.)

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