6) Are You In Search of Great Constituency Relationship Software?

bloomerangYou’ll see it promoted as “CRM” software – Customer Relationship Management. In the non-profit sector, we sometimes substitute the word, “constituency” for customer… but the idea is the same: How can we keep track of all the people we know? If we keep track of their names, addresses, contact information, and characteristics, we’ll presumably be better at being their friends and saying thank-you when they partner with us through prayer, giving, and meaningful friendships.

There are multiple ways of tracking all these loose bits of information. We’ve covered several previously. See, for example,


However, we haven’t mentioned Bloomerang. I know; funny name. But serious intentions. See them at…


Pricing might scare away some of us. See their model at…


But for those who are serious about helping donors become partners and partners become friends for the Lord’s purposes, this is indeed another viable option. Let us know if you try it please, along with what you conclude.

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