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2014/07/27 — Brigada Today

Edited by Doug Lucas; Published by Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…

1) Wanted: Prayer Advocates for the Northern Dong of China
2) We Get Mail
3) Calling All Spanish Mobilization Materials?
4) Experiencing Partnering Workshop in Texas, Sept. 26-29
5) Training In Disciple Making/Personal Evangelism
6) Schoolteachers Needed In China; Housing & Wage Provided
7) Great new resource for understanding TCKs
8) Tried an “eBay Valet?” Please Write about your Experience
9) How Do Third-Culture Kids (TCK’s) Get Scholarships?
10) Don’t forget if You Work in the USA
11) Don’t forget if you Work Globally
12) What’s Your Favorite New Site?
13) The Best Place to Learn Photography
14) The BackPage: 30 Minutes of Morning Prayer
15) Closing Stuff

1) Wanted: Prayer Advocates for the Northern Dong of China

northern dongAre you willing to pray and/or advocate for the Northern Dong? Over 1/2 million Northern Dong live in China, with around 0.1% being evangelical believers. Read their Unreached People Group profile here…

Then, if God calls you to get involved in praying for them, please register your willingness at Joshua Project by browsing to…

Your reward might not be great here on earth. But if God raises up more harvesters for the Northern Dong people, and you see more Northern Dong wearing white robes on that day we all gather before the throne, won’t that be a reason to celebrate!?

2) We Get Mail

got_mailWe regularly receive email from Brigada participants who are excited about the content and opportunities they see in Brigada Today. For example, this past week, Don wrote about “Hi Guys! Really appreciate the content of No. 10 (item #10, “Howard is my Hero,” from the July 13th edition). I spent almost 20 years as the missions pastor of a real ‘missions church.’ …Such churches are really rather rare–so sad! I thank God regularly, in these failing years, that he allowed me to be a part of what He is doing around the world! I so appreciate your bulletins! Don”

Don, God bless you for taking time to encourage!

4) Experiencing Partnering Workshop in Texas, Sept. 26-29

ipaAre you tired of attending trainings that send you home with a bulging binder (or a thumb drive full of files) only never again to look at the material? International Partnering Associates (IPA), a cooperative network of 50 globally based partners, is sponsoring an Experiencing Partnering Workshop (EPW) Friday evening, September 26 through Monday evening, September 29 in Dallas, Texas. Lead facilitators Jose and Karen promise that their approach is anything but average. Interactive learning experiences, discussion-based learning, case studies, and personal time for reflection replace boring lectures or theoretical ideas. Better hurry though: Early registration ends soon. To receive a brochure or register, send an email to
To learn more about IPA, check out:

5) Training In Disciple Making/Personal Evangelism

Grow.-Plant.-DiscipleshipJohn Hendee, a Team Expansion worker and the Chair of World Evangelism at Hope International University is teaching an on-line class that is designed to prepare Christian how to effectively share the Good News and then how to train others how to do it. It has recently been adopted by 20 Christian Colleges as their on-line evangelism training course. Organizers say it is changing the lives of Christian leaders. If you are interested contact Phil Towne at
pbtowneathiudotedu for more information. You can get 3 units of undergrad or graduate studies if you want or you can audit it. The cost is $300. You will use this the rest of your life in ministry. You can also contact John at
johndothendeeatcoxdotnet or

6) Schoolteachers Needed In China; Housing & Wage Provided

Chinese_Children_01A “growing C—- school” in Yunnan Province, China, has an urgent need for teachers: pre-k, 1st grade, 2nd grade, middle school and high school. The school uses the Abeka curriculum. To satisfy government requirements, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree plus 2 years work experience or ESL certificate / diploma. The degree should be in education, although this requirement can be waived with ESL certificate. They ask teachers to arrive by August 11, to begin the semester on August 25. They offer housing, work visa, medical, and ~$1000 USD / month salary. This is a great opportunity to impact China in a beautiful setting! For more information, contact Dom at…

7) Great new resource for understanding TCKs

between worlds bookBetween Worlds, a new book about the joys and struggles of growing to adulthood as a Third Culture Kid (TCK), just came out. The author, Marilyn Gardner, grew up in Pakistan and went on to raise five of her own TCKs in Pakistan, Egypt, Massachusetts and Arizona. The book is poignant, funny, and thought-provoking. And the chapters are short and very readable. The book is available at Amazon:

It is also for sale in Australia, the UK, the EU and Brazil. To get a Brigada readers’ discount (only orders of five or more, please) email

8) Tried an “eBay Valet?” Please Write about your Experience

ebay valetThis past week, Caleb told us about a new service at eBay called an “eBay Valet.” Basically, one simply requests a free postage paid shipping label emailed to you. Simply print it and use it with any box. Ship it to eBay with instructions on how to handle the item if it doesn’t sell (recycle the item or return it for a one-time fee of $10), then sit back and watch your income grow. If the item sells, you get 70% of the selling price. Why not sell it yourself? Well — if that weren’t such a problem now, you’d have sold a lot more of that junk around your house, right? :-) So now you can get this stuff moving, thereby generating lots of new mission support AND cleaning out your storage room! Try an eBay Valet at…

then please write about your experiences here by clicking “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences! (Caleb, thanks for the tip!)

9) How Do Third-Culture Kids (TCK’s) Get Scholarships?

college-kidsThat’s the question that at least one missionary kid (‘MK’) care coordinator is asking of Brigada today. Suppose a TCK/MK has spent his or her entire life overseas. When he/she gets ready to head or college, is there a resource or website or service that helps connect prospective college students with scholarship money? … or must these blessed children, who have already sacrificed so much being away from family and friends, also now sacrifice when attending university back in their homeland? Sadness. If you have insights… or if you have navigated those difficult waters, please click to the web version of this item and give your best advice in the Comments. Thanks in advance if you can help! (And thanks, Penny, for the question!)

10) Don’t forget if You Work in the USA

Ethnic_groups,_ARUNACHAL_PRADESH_INDIAWe’ve mentioned them before. But the resource is so good, it’s worth reminding us — don’t forget about if you’re working in a USA city. People love to focus on cities these days — and rightfully so. If we look at the world as a whole (not India), more than half the world lives in urban areas today. But within those urban areas, there are lots of people groups. And can help you break down those ethnic groups and see the city the way it likes to divide. You can explore, network, and engage more effectively because you have more knowledge of the layout in your town. Check it out at…

11) Don’t forget if you Work Globally

Just as helps you focus on cities in the USA, will help you understand the 11,243 people groups formed by the 7 billion people on the planet. You’ll especially be able to understand the 6,538 UNREACHED people groups, comprised of nearly 4 billion people. Most important of all, you’ll get to know the 3,014 unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPG’s) totaling over 200 million people. This last collection, the UUPG’s, have to be one of the saddest situations of all… because no one is said to be reaching them yet. Learn more at…

By the way, it’s well worth watching Jim Haney’s introduction of the site on Vimeo here…

People Groups Around the World from on Vimeo.

Not only does he do a good job introducing the key features of the website, but one can also pick up his passion for knowing the peoples of the world. Well worth the watch.

13) The Best Place to Learn Photography

photography206Let’s face it: If we’re mobilizing, we sooner or later have to take pictures. It’s easy these days to take AVERAGE pictures. But I’m convinced that it’s just as difficult as ever to take GREAT pictures. There are bound to be some great websites out there that take some of the pain out of learning. For example, if you are lucky enough to have a Nikon, then you have a GREAT resource at…

I wish Sony had a similar site. I’ve recently switched over to a Sony Nex-7 and sobered sometimes by the fact that I have to wind my way through several buttons and menus levels to get it to do what I want. (But granted — that’s after 20 years on either Canon or Nikon.) Do you have a favorite helpful site for learning your equipment, or skills, or technical aspects of taking great pictures? For example, maybe it’s worth paying for an online class at a site like…

I wish there was an equivalent to Popular Photography Magazine — only online. (Is there?) If you have a favorite site, would you be kind enough to share it with us by clicking “Comment” after the web version of this item? If so, thank you!!!

14) The BackPage: 30 Minutes of Morning Prayer

prayer morningSuppose you took 30 minutes each morning to pray to the Lord of the Harvest. How would you divide those 30 minutes? Would you spend…
5 minutes praising God for who he is and what he’s done
5 minutes for your loved ones – spouse, family, friends, co-workers
5 minutes praying for existing missionaries already in place
5 minutes asking for new workers for specific places (name them)
5 minutes for special projects you’re tackling on behalf of nations
5 minutes for new resources to empower your dreams

Whoa — the half-hour is done and you just got started.
How would your list be different? What would you add/change/subtract? Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item and help us improve or revise this idea. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

15) Closing Stuff

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