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2014/07/13 — Brigada Today

Edited by Doug Lucas; Published by Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Regardless of our Age, We All Need Love
2) Pray for Peace
3) Grace’s Story will Inspire and Challenge
4) How to Introduce Your Friends to the Nations
5) Check out Sawyer’s new mini water filter!
6) The Case of the Invisible Brigada?
7) Global Youth Initiative Offers Insights for Disciplemaking
8) Before You Go Overseas…
9) Looking to Motivate Kids Toward Missions?
10) Howard is my Hero
11) In Search of Great Statistics about the World
12) How to Communicate with your Team or Group
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: If we Practice Enough…
15) Closing Stuff

2) Pray for Peace

ukraineI’m not sure what will happen in Ukraine. Here’s a story about a Christian university seized by militants:


No matter what happens, it’s clear we need to lift the entire region in prayer. And we should also pray for the family members and friends of those who were on board Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. And pray for our leaders as they try to sort out any possible actions that might help avert future horrible crimes against humanity.

3) Grace’s Story will Inspire and Challenge

Today over 1 billion people live on the edge of survival with poor sanitation, no healthcare and little chance of education. There are many causes for poverty but the single greatest obstacle to overcoming this crippling poverty is corruption. Hear Grace’s story:

Christians around the world are coming together on this issue as part of the EXPOSED Campaign to shine a light on the scourge of corruption. The campaign wants raise a united voice to the world’s most powerful leaders, the G20 when they meet in Brisbane in November this year, and call on them to protect the poorest in our world. Governments are already considering anti-corruption measures, and we can encourage them further. Organizers are asking you to join your light and stand with thousands of others around the world by signing a petition and praying.


4) How to Introduce Your Friends to the Nations

Girl's hands holding globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisSometimes, I’m lucky enough to teach a Perspectives class the week before Shane Bennett. Whenever that happens, I ask the class to pull some kind of prank on him. Like… as soon as he begins teaching, they’re all supposed to start coughing endlessly. But now I feel really guilty. Because his article, “21 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Friends to the Nations (and Five Ways to Ensure They Stay Away)” is actually really good. (Sorry — didn’t mean to sound so surprised.)


If all of us followed his advice, the world would be a lot more reached.

5) Check out Sawyer’s new mini water filter!

water bottle sawyerIf you are looking for a great option for safe water when you travel, or a way to filter safe drinking water in your international home, Sawyer has recently introduced a hollow fiber membrane water filter for individual use. It is ideal for those traveling internationally who don’t want to purchase expensive bottled water. Sawyer’s standard size filter is already in use as a low-cost filtration system in homes across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Learn more or find the Sawyer distributor in your country at:


Purchase a filter plus other products for international travelers at:


Use discount code NGO14G for a 20% discount. Non-profits seeking information on how Sawyer’s safe water solution might benefit their programs can contact

6) The Case of the Invisible Brigada?

Sleuth_LogoSeveral readers mentioned that the last edition of Brigada arrived as if it were an empty email. However, upon closer examination, the text was there, it was just turned “white” or invisible. Thousands of other recipients received the edition just fine, however. So we’re still looking for the common thread. (If you can solve the case, you’ll receive our “Hardy Boys Hero” or “Nancy Drew Mystery-solver” award.) Seriously, if you discover what happened, please let us know. We subscribe too — and our own copies looked normal. In the meantime, don’t forget, if you ever have any problems with an issue of Brigada Today, the entire history of every edition is archived at…


In fact, the editions always appear at Brigada.org before minutes they are emailed.

10) Howard is my Hero

heart with mapWe need more guys like Howard Culbertson. Check out his page, “World Evangelism viewed by two churches:”


Click on the drop-down arrow upper right, “Other great pages to visit.” (There really are several.) I wish more of us would take time to be so thoughtful, creative, and prolific in writing about missions. He’s raised the bar high when it comes to thinking, motivating, and leaving a legacy. Hats off to Howard.

11) In Search of Great Statistics about the World

people group severalPeople are motivated by stories. But at times, it helps to put those stories into a global perspective. That’s why pages like…


are so gripping to the global audience. They help us set our stories into the world stage. Have you posted other stats at your page? … or have you found other sites like the JP site, helping you convey to our audiences the task remaining? If so, please click comment after the web version of this item… and let’s get the stage set… so our audiences can understand just how much of the world still needs to hear.

12) How to Communicate with your Team or Group

remind101-logo-26n5xvfSuppose you are in a hurry and you’re searching for an easy way to communicate with your team of missionaries or your group of international workers. What if you grabbed an app like..




These sites are primarily designed for sports teams or mothers of preschoolers. But they are free — and reasonably secure. Some of these sites have some great features, and they’re quick and easy. Have you found a similar site or service to stay in touch with those with whom you serve? If so, please click Comment after the web version of this item and pass along your own findings. In this ad-driven, app-crazy world, it’s silly not to be able to stay in touch in a way that was totally impossible even 20 years ago.

13) We’re Grateful…

Thank You - Words on Yellow Sticky NotesFor a long-time Brigada reader who sent $100 from Spokane, WA, this past month. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Another long-time participant send $100 from Fox River Grove, IL. God bless you.

If you’d like to help as well, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner, or go to

http://www.brigada.org and click it there,

or mail a check made payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible.

14) The BackPage: If we Practice Enough…

Like most of the rest of the world, I enjoyed this year’s World Cup. But I’d like to mention here the ad run by McDonalds. Find it at…

They wanted you to visit their accompanying website…


where you can download an app to play on your phone. Obviously, one can debate until the cows come home as to whether or not they succeeded in selling more food as a result of this feel-good commercial. But no matter your take on that, one has to admit that these freestyle soccer specialists (the ones featured in the video) have definitely learned to make some exceptional shots. From what I can learn, this video is not doctored; these specialists actually can DO what the video has them doing. If you want to see additional examples of this kind of futbol, just go to YouTube and search for something like “trick shots freestyle soccer” and you’ll see hundreds of trick shot specialists just like these… which raises the question: What if we practiced enough?

For example, when learning a second language, what if we practiced so much that we did, with the second language, what these specialists do with a soccer ball?

Or… when sharing the Good News with a friend… what if we practiced enough? What if we could become as skillful and knowledgeable about the gospel as these specialists are about soccer? People would listen to us, in part, because we had become so effective at what we do.

My point is this: These skillful players go to this extreme… They practice for hours, days, weeks, months, YEARS on end, only to be featured in a commercial allegedly about French fries. My proposal: Let’s invest as much time on behalf of the Good News as these guys and gals do making trick shots. The population of Hell will be decreased; the population of Heaven will be increased. Life will be good. And people will celebrate. Let’s be good at what we’re communicating.

Agree or disagree?

15) Closing Stuff

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