3) Calling All Spanish Mobilization Materials?

spanish galDeborah, a long-time Brigada participant, inquired this last week about Spanish mobilization materials. Surely there must be plenty, seeing as how COMIBAM has been at it for so long? Can you refer us to any sites or specialists? If so, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks!

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  1. Duane Frasier Reply

    COMIBAM’s representation in Mexico, COMIMEX, has a page dedicated to resources: http://www.comimex.org/category/recursos-y-enlaces/

  2. Karen Hardin Reply

    Here’s a website for children:

  3. Phil O'Day Reply

    Information about Misioneros en Linea (online missionaries), a global partnership between ObreroFiel, Camino Global and Global Media Outreach, focused on reaching and discipling Spanish speakers online:

    ObreroFiel provides thousands of free resources for Spanish-speaking believers:

    Camino Global (founded as the Central American Mission) journeys with Spanish speakers everywhere to transform communities, equip believers and reach the world. Camino’s Spanish-language website:

  4. Neal Pirolo Reply

    Serviendo al enviar Obreros; Cómo apoyar a sus misioneros mientras se preparan para salir, mientras están en el campo y cuando regresan a casa: http://www.eri.org

  5. Eldon Porter Reply

    A great contact would be the SIM team in Latin America that gathers and produces both training and mobilization material. You can find the page where most things are hosted at http://www.misionessim.org/ I know Chris Conti is also beginning a major project of gathering information and then producing mobilization material in Spanish. Chris Conti at chrisdotcontiatsimdotorg

  6. Jan Mayer Reply

    The Children’s Prayer Journal, Steps to Bible Translation curriculum, and various of the Bright Ideas! lessons are all available in Spanish for free download from http://www.wycliffe.org/kids.

  7. Paula Reply

    Hi!! Many years ago I extended my private practice to support Spanish-speaking expats worldwide. Now I am proud to announce the launch of a tool that will support the community I serve, my blog: http://www.expatpsi.com/blogo.
    Having enough information to either make informed decisions or to know what to expect is to take a prevention-oriented approach. For me this is crucial since being a clinical psychologist and a researcher I have listened to many people suffering due to the lack of resources in Spanish.

    Eager to build resources for the Spanish-speaking community and to contribute to knowledge resource management I have created this blog. The topics covered are the TCK experience, accompanying partners, managing the grieving process, expat parenting and other classical challenges of the expat lifestyle.

    If you like the initiative, please help spread the word. There is a FB page: http://www.facebook.com/ExpatPsi and the blog: http://www.expatpsi.com/blogo. And, of course, if you would like to practice your Spanish you are more than welcome to visit us!!!

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