14) The BackPage: Search and Replicate

sowing good seedThis past week, we received an email from a teammate headed to the Middle East. She was training out in Colorado and, in her training facility, she came across a binder FULL of past editions of Brigada Today’. She asked around and, come to find out, a long-time Brigada participant named Paula had been printing and binding the past editions to benefit the many missionary guests who regularly passed through there. Obviously, the teammate was overjoyed to find people using Brigada. (The Brigada fan in Colorado had said, “In nearly every edition, I find at least SOMETHING to pass along to other missionaries.” God be praised. But what we loved as much as anything was Paula’s willingness to search and redistribute… to share “as one beggar telling another where to find bread.”

We’re not sure how you see your own role in missions, but we feel like this “search and replicate” strategy is a great one. Why not decide today that you’re going to “search and replicate” the best resources, the best information, and the best data you can — for the good of the Kingdom, for the growth of His cause, and for the glory of the King.

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