1) Your Take on “Line” App

lineHave you seen the app called, simply, “Line” ? David wrote this past week, “One of the most useful and simple apps we use to communicate with text, pics, voice messaging, calling and video calling is LINE. It is completely free and very popular in Asia. It also lets you make groups.” You can learn more about Line here…


I did some reading about Line and, frankly, wondered if I’d been living under a rock. This app has surpassed the 300 million user mark (granted, mostly in Asia) and seems to have gained sufficient traction to challenge Skype as a direct competitor. So the obvious question remains, why? What does Line have that Skype doesn’t? And why would anyone leave Skype to use Line instead? If you’re a Line fan, can you chime in please? Just click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this quest.

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  1. Bruce Flanagan Reply

    Hi I. Live in Vietnam and manage remote teams. I us a new tool called VoxyPAD. It is incredible and far superior to Line, Skype, Viber. It also like OneNote or Evernote check it out at http://www.VoxyPAD.com


  2. Justin Long Reply

    We use vsee.

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