2) David Platt is the New President of the IMB

David_Platt_RGB_1The trustees of the IMB made it official this past week: David Platt is the new Prez. See the announcement at…


This is genius. Not only does Platt have the name recognition and the persona, but in addition, his rootedness as pastor’s pastor first, with a missions heart on top of everything else — it’s just brilliant. And we’ll all be better because of it. Hats off IMB! Another great decision.

3 Responses to 2) David Platt is the New President of the IMB
  1. Belinda van de Loo Reply

    So, what is IMB?
    (Sorry, it’s a bit of a pet peeve as a re-entity missionary being gone from the USA for over 30 years)

  2. Editor Reply

    So sorry if we fall into the trap of assuming that others understand the “initial soup” of the evangelical world. Please forgive. IMB stands for International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Church.

  3. Mark Harris Reply

    I think this could actually be a risky decision for the IMB. He is a passionate young man – be emphasis on “young” in this situation. It isn’t always a certainty that name recognition and passion is going to result in effectiveness in such a large organization, which is very different from a church.

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