1) Amplified Booklist for Care of Missionary Families

mother-kids-praying-902x333Thanks to those who contributed additional titles to Penny’s original list of books on caring for missionary families, mentioned last week. The list is now amplified at…


We’re so grateful for the input of the Brigada family and for the great resources everyone finds. (In this list, we’re especially grateful for a commenter’s mention of a book list by Dave and Irene Lewis at http://paracletos.org/blog/article/35-books-that-will-enhance-your-missionary-care-skills/ . Thank you Brigada family!)

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  1. Cecily Willard Reply

    I appreciate the Amplified Book List. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the list in a form that I can copy from or that I can edit. I found some errors (dead links or links to the wrong page) and I wanted to fix the list so that when I click on a link it will open in a separate page. (On the present document, only a couple of the links would open in a separate page, so for the rest of the links I had to keep going back and forth to the original page.)
    I wanted to fix this list so that I could then return it to you and you could share it with others, as it is a very valuable resource, but could just be a little more user-friendly, in my opinion.
    Thank you!

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