2) How Do You Stay Up with Current News?

newsmapA Brigada participant preferring to be known only by his first initial (“A”) pointed us to…


Described as, “Another out of the box way to look at what’s in the news,” I would have to say, it’s awesome. The whole “word cloud” approach is such a radical departure from the CNN list of news headlines in tiny print. Love it. Thanks ‘A’!

2 Responses to 2) How Do You Stay Up with Current News?
  1. Randy Reply

    Newsmap looks like it is well desgned for touch tablets where many people do there quick reading today. However as a missionary who serves Africa I find it is extremely blind. Or perhaps its my lack of navigation skills?

    All other major news sources I know can be set on an Africa default page: BBC, CNN, Reuters, France24, Aljezera, etc.

    The size of Africa both in geography, population, and growing influence and economy cannot and should not be ignored.

    Maybe my comments are because I am an Africa advocate and notice these things. But it seems for many attempts at globalization today Africa is non-existent.

    Anyway, they may correct that as the sight matures. It does appear to have potential for the touch screen generation.


  2. Jeff Mills Reply

    What about Guatemala?

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