5) VoxyPad Reportedly Takes “Line” or Skype to the Next Level

voxypadAlthough we haven’t had a chance to kick the tires on this service ourselves, Bruce, in a recent comment, shared that it is incredible. He reported that it was far superior to Line, Skype or Viber, and added that it even reminded him of OneNote and Evernote. Wow. Quite a testimony. Basically, it looks like they’ve taken instant messaging, added on-screen brainstorming tools and amped-up the interface substantially. It’s free for personal use, but it’s true that upgraded (paid) versions appear to add additional features and collaborative tools. Let’s check it out and, if you don’t mind, report in a comment on the web version of this item so we can see your feedback. Thanks in advance for your help in evaluating this tool — and thanks Bruce.


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