6) YouVersion is Great, but if you Need an Offline Bible Version…

laridianThanks to Brian who wrote about Laridian’s Pocket Bible in his comment about YouVersion (a couple of weeks ago). Find Laridian at…


He wrote, “I find it helpful to have a second go-to app that allows me to both operate fully offline and provides better study tools.” He’s right, especially about offline use. (If you’re out of connectivity, YouVersion is toast.) Laridian has been a great stand-by for many users for years. It’s worth the look.

5 Responses to 6) YouVersion is Great, but if you Need an Offline Bible Version…
  1. Garry Brock Reply

    I use You Version offline all the time. I simply download the versions and helps I want to use and they work in the most unplugged places you can imagine.

  2. David R. King Reply

    I have found that Laridian is expensive (like most Bible for sale sites) and their free selection is quite poor. Btw, YouVersion has downloadable versions that do not require being online. FAR superior in my opinion.

    And for what it’s worth, your disclaimer about not screening the sites you recommend seems odd. Isn’t that your job?

    Thanks for your efforts.

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks for the note about screening, David. The disclaimer (and the explanation, “We *try* to visit them in advance, but often write “on the road” so we simply *can’t* preview everything,”) is just intended to cover us in case someone finds something unexpected on a particular site. In general, we do visit all sites before featuring them, but we feel like it’s important to point out that we can’t possibly visit every PAGE of every site. Does that make sense? And honestly — we do compose on the road sometimes (for example, overseas) when we’re out of internet connectivity.

  3. Trevor Reply

    Laridian may be good, but it’s expensive. Try PocketSword from CrossWire.org or iTunes for free – and it’s also good, and it does not require internet access to use once it’s downloaded.

  4. dave sinclair Reply

    I have been using xiphos which is free at xiphos.org; it is free and has an amazing amount of free Bible translations – 53 different ones, commentaries – about 40, dictionaries, topical bibles, word studies, also, maps, and many other things you can just dowload. It uses the Sword Projects repository. BibleTime is another free choice and they can be run offline in Windows, Mac, linux …

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