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2014/10/26 — Brigada Today

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Brigada online has more graphics and links at http://www.brigada.org . Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis.

In this issue…
1) Help Set the Gospel Free from Western Contextualization
2) Drinkable Book Provides Clean and Clear Water
3) The Elves at FaithLife Have been Busy (Logos 6 Release: Oct. 26)
4) Get the Latest Stats on Unreached Peoples
5) Cat & Dog Theology Speaker Training, KY USA, December 11-13
6) New Book From Wycliffe Helps Kids Learn About Cultures
7) Simple Way to Book, Insure, and Manage Ministry Travel
8) Learn to Produce Media Resources for Unreached Peoples
9) New Book: “Hudson on a Mission”
10) God is at Work
11) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai
12) Listening to Your Field Staff Will Pay Off
13) New Online Chart Helps Shape Attitudes Toward Evangelicals
14) The BackPage: The “Four Fields” of Church Multiplication
15) Closing Stuff

1) Help Set the Gospel Free from Western Contextualization

bookThis past July the International Orality Network focused on this issue. It’s the theme for the next (Jan/Feb 2015) Mission Frontiers. Here’s the summary: Individualistic Western society blinds us to honor/shame dynamics–in the Bible and “collectivistic” societies around the world. And this blind spot in Western theology keeps us from letting the Bible engage collectivistic societies directly around their core values.

Werner Mischke’s new book “The Global Gospel” is fueling much of the growing awareness on this topic. Read free excerpts at


Extended to November 10th, you can help fund the first printing of “The Global Gospel” by letting your missionary friends know they can get a 60% pre-publication discount. To get this discount, simply email your request (or questions) to Robby at
GlobalGospelattheMissionNetworkdotorg . Please indicate how many cases you want at $240 each (24 books per case, shipping included), along with your mission agency or mission involvement. (This 60% discount is only for mission professionals and agencies. Others can save 40% to 50% at


For every case you order, Robby has committed to make a $20 gift to Brigada, so your purchase helps with Brigada’s end-of-year fundraising campaign! (Thank you! Order a lot please. :-) )

3) The Elves at FaithLife Have been Busy (Logos 6 Release: Oct. 26)

logos logIt’s billed as “the world’s leading tool for digital Bible study.” There is no doubt — it is one of, if not THE most comprehensive Bible study products on the market. Now, with version 6, FaithLife has pushed the edges even further. And using the link below, you can get 15% off even on the first week of release! Find out more, along with details of new capabilities and features, at…


4) Get the Latest Stats on Unreached Peoples

joshuaprojectHave you been asked to speak about unreached peoples? Someone wants to know about the ‘task remaining?’ Get all the latest facts and figures at…


There you’ll find the total number of people groups across all countries, and the same total if people groups are counted separately when they occur in more than one country. Get the current world population, total number of UNreached peoples, the percentage of the world unreached, and a lot more. Thanks Joshua Project!

5) Cat & Dog Theology Speaker Training, KY USA, December 11-13

cat and dogThere’s a joke about cats and dogs that conveys their differences perfectly: Dogs say, “You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, you must be God.” Cats say, “You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, I must be God.” Many in the church have embraced a self-centered “meology” vs. a passion for the glory of God. “Cat & Dog Theology” seeks to change that. Training to become a certified speaker happens in Nicholasville, KY, USA on December 11-13. Recently upgraded with a new “image-driven” approach, this presentation is excellent for missions speakers, mobilizers and Perspectives teachers (Lesson 2). Learn more at


6) New Book From Wycliffe Helps Kids Learn About Cultures

kids around the world bookWycliffe Bible Translators USA, the largest Bible translation organization in the world, released a new edition of its popular “A to Z” children’s book, “Around the World with Kate & Mack: A Look at Languages from A to Z.” In the book, Kate, a fictionalized missionary kid, and Mack, her precocious parrot, take readers on a globe-trotting adventure, introducing kids to a new language and culture for each letter of the alphabet. With more than 100 pages of photographs, colorful illustrations and fun facts, “Around the World” is a perfect introduction to Bible translation for children of all ages. You can purchase the book online at


Kids can also find games and access additional content that aligns with the book at


7) Simple Way to Book, Insure, and Manage Ministry Travel

faithventures_1406295177_140Faith Ventures provides a simple way to book, insure and manage ministry travel. Faithventures.com serves as a mission travel hub, helping you manage your short-term mission trips in a single place. At Faithventures.com, you can book discounted airfare, obtain travel insurance, and take advantage of trip management tools.

Faith Ventures is a collaboration of Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and Fly For Good. The team brings together experts in insurance and airfare who look forward to meeting your particular ministry travel needs. To learn more, visit


8) Learn to Produce Media Resources for Unreached Peoples

SFM-Outreach-3-370x170Looking to put some media production skills into your quiver as you share God’s love with the nations? Every January, Youth With A Mission Perth, Australia runs the School of Frontier Media – a 24 week course designed to equip students with media skills in video, film making, photography, script writing, graphic design, and more. These skills are applied directly to work in frontier missions. Students will learn as they work alongside experienced staff to produce evangelistic and mobilization resources tailored specifically for an unreached people group. Find them online at


A completed Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission is a pre-requisite. For those who have not completed a Discipleship Training School, or who do not have six months to spare, they are also offering a two week intensive Film Making Seminar starting January 12, 2015. Email Ben for details at

9) New Book: “Hudson on a Mission”

hudson-on-a-mission-11Need a Christmas gift that will bless your ministry donors, grow their heart for the world, and expand their vision for how God is at work? From New Tribes Mission’s Jim Jobe and the Center for Mission Mobilization comes “Hudson on A Mission,” an illustrated children’s book that provides a peek into an unreached tribal culture. Using animal characters, Hudson on A Mission introduces one model of church planting and multiplication from a child’s viewpoint. Includes discussion questions. It’s a wonderful resource to put into the hands of ministry partners, parents, and children’s workers at your local church. Books are $4 each with a purchase of 10 or more. Use coupon code: HUDSONCHRISTMAS when ordering. Preview and purchase the book here:


11) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai

tesolHere’s a TESOL training course with Asia’s Center for TESOL, January 5-February 6 2015. Unfortunately, there are only 2 places left. But you can catch their next course, February 23-March 27 2015. Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conducts intensive, five-week courses leading to a TESOL certificate. This certificate is supported by Cornerstone University of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4. For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening. This totals 120 hours in class and 20 hours of practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching). Contact Kathy for application forms or more information: khenwoodatactesoldotcom or see


12) Listening to Your Field Staff Will Pay Off

There are many ways to use information intentionally as you are on mission. One of the most helpful research tools GMI can suggest is your own people. The Engage Study is a survey of your field staff that GMI provides in partnership with The Best Christian Workplaces Institute. The questions are uniquely positioned for missionary field staff and will give you invaluable insight into how to help them thrive on the field. Through November 30th, if you sign up you will receive surveys for your first 50 missionaries for free. You also have the opportunity to customize several questions and you will receive both your organizational report as well as a mission agency-wide report with general data from all the ministries that participate.



for all the details.

13) New Online Chart Helps Shape Attitudes Toward Evangelicals

evangelical-immigration-tableThe Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT)


will show you how God is at work through immigration. Organizers hope these data will ultimately help shape US immigration policies to reflect biblical values of human dignity and family unity as well as inspire North American Christians to be more ready to engage in ministry to and with immigrants.
The EIT is actively looking for Volunteers. Learn how you can get involved at


The online application is at


LDongatwrdotorg with any questions.

14) The BackPage: The “Four Fields” of Church Multiplication

four fieldsNathan and Kari Shank have done a superb job in their new revision of “Four Fields of Kingdom Growth: Starting and Releasing Healthy Churches.” In these 155 pages, the Shanks not only describe the model of the Four Fields, but also touch on just about every other metaphor in church planting movements (CPM’s). This is more than a book: It’s a manual. It’s more than a guide: It’s a programmed learning tool. You can take this book… and ten days studying it… and perhaps do more to revolutionize your ministry than any other tool outside of the Bible. These authors could have copyrighted this work and sold it to make themselves a handsome income. Instead — they released it to the world. Why? Because, I think, they knew that they really don’t own it: God does. And by releasing it, everybody wins — especially people who are missing from the Kingdom.

So don’t walk. Run. Grab this book. And let’s memorize it. More importantly — let’s implement it.

Best I can tell, Nathan’s “home” on the web is here:


You can find their book here, free for downloading:


15) Closing Stuff

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