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2014/10/19 — Brigada Today

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Brigada online has more graphics and links at . Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis.

In this issue…
1) Get Equipped to Go
2) Your Favorite Email Program? Have you Tried EM Client?
3) On the Hunt for — the Web’s Best Maps
4) Brigada Reader Offers his Stock Photos for Free
5) New Online Training for Short-Term Missions
6) OneSimCard Lowers Rates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean
7) Raising Support? Need to Cut Expenses? Here’s a Possible Help
8) Missio Nexus Has New Forums on Key Topics
9) Check out “Mission Launch Team Training”
10) Take “It’s All About Relationships” Evangelism Training
11) Goalsetting 101: How do you do it?
12) Here are 120 Old Testament verses on Missions
13) We’re thankful…
14) The BackPage: What’s in YOUR Language Learning Wallet?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Get Equipped to Go

Ethnic_groups,_ARUNACHAL_PRADESH_INDIALooking for a way to beef up your church’s or org’s training for candidates (short- or long-term)? Try “Equipped to Go.”

They equip organizations through a customized plan of action for short or long-term cross-cultural engagement with tools and resources to build confidence and maximum global impact. (AND… they just sent a gift to Brigada. Thank you Equipped to Go!)

2) Your Favorite Email Program? Have you Tried EM Client?

email servicesAll this “vanishing Brigada” has reignited my interest in email clients. It SEEMs that Outlook people have had ZERO problems seeing Brigada. But several Windows Live users, along with a spattering of Juno readers, and AOL customers have reported that, over the last 5 weeks or so, their Brigadas are coming pure white. If they “select” the text (by dragging over it with their mouse), the text is there. But the color schemes set up in their readers just is not cooperating with the colors in the little plug-in we use to convert the web version to an email version. (It ALMOST has me convinced we should go back to doing it by hand again!) So the question is — what is your favorite email client and why? This past week, a friend recommended EM Client, but even as he did so, he pointed out that Brigada has been invisible in it as well. Rats. Anyway, I tried to install EM Client but the import from years of Outlook didn’t work. (I guess my Outlook database is corrupt. Do I still have to use that ScanPST utility to repair it? Yikes. How 1999 is THAT idea??? Besides, does ScanPST even COME with Outlook anymore?) Anyway, I would have loved to have tried EM Client, but I guess until I repair this archive, I’m stuck in Outlook. Now the GOOD news is that if one could ever get to em Client,one can then export to ,eml files (emails), .vcf files (events), .ics files (tasks), and .xml files (settings).

What clients have you tried and which have worked best for you? Please click “Comment” after the web version of this edition. Thanks.

3) On the Hunt for — the Web’s Best Maps

bangladeshThis past week, we were “on the hunt” for the web’s best maps. We liked the maps at…

They’re beautiful, versatile, custom-built according to your specs, and forever free. The downside, if it’s a downside for you, is that one can’t download high-res versions of them. We can EMBED them… just not PRINT them.

Have you found a better solution for both online and print versions? If so, please click “comment” after the web version of this edition of Brigada. Thanks!

5) New Online Training for Short-Term Missions

team building kitDelta Ministries’ new online training curriculum includes the curriculum, videos, and a personal coach throughout the course. Short-Term Missions 101 is designed for individuals, whether traveling alone or as part of a team, who are not receiving adequate training or who desire to have a more effective short-term mission experience. Sending agencies can also refer their short-termers to this course to ensure they will be prepared to serve and to be a blessing instead of a burden on the field. The online course is available for just $45 and provides ideas, techniques, and skills designed to maximize the on-field experience for adults and youth serving on a short-term mission. Training focuses on spiritual growth, character transformation, the ABC’s of short-term mission, cultural adaptation, team building substitute “interpersonal relationships and conflict, evangelism training and field specific modules. Your registration includes the online biblical DISC personality profile assessment.

To register for the course visit

and click on the “Online Course for Short-Term Missions” link.

6) OneSimCard Lowers Rates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean

OneSimCard recently announced much lower rates in 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean including Argentina, Columbia and Chile.

In total, the service now offers FREE incoming calls in 160+ countries and low rates on outgoing calls and internet data worldwide. It does not require any contract and works in unlocked GSM devices and phones. The company maintains that, on average, their customers enjoy a savings of about 85% when when compared with standard international roaming fees. They’ll be exhibiting at ICOM next month – Booth 1107. For more information have a look at their video on YouTube at:

8) Missio Nexus Has New Forums on Key Topics


missionexus_tag_rgb_hMissio Nexus has opened forums for several different subject matters, including Training (moderated by Mark Morgenstern), Member Health (moderated by Brent Lindquist) and Ministry Development of Women (moderated by Wendy Wilson). More are in planning stage. These are open to staff serving with Missio Nexus member organizations only. Check it out at

(Thanks Mary Kay!)

10) Take “It’s All About Relationships” Evangelism Training

HIU-_LogoThis is an evangelism course offered through Hope International University for undergrad or grad college credit (or for audit). It’s eight weeks long and seeks to train you how to lead other people to Jesus in a respectful, gentle way. I’ve used this course and it worked great for me in Ukraine. To learn more about the course, write the trainer at
To sign up, write Phil at

11) Goalsetting 101: How do you do it?

goalWell it’s that time of year again… when all of us sit down to do annual planning for the next year. I fear that many of us write down our goals and plans, read them to our workgroups and teams, then tuck them away on a shelf. I’ll have to say… 2014 has been the best year for my immediate working group… at least when it comes to staying on task for our goals. We literally read through our goals in what we called a “lightning round” workgroup meeting, every week, all year long. We even have some of the goals sequence numbers memorized. (I think everyone in our office has heard about Goal #246.) As far as applications go, through the year, we ended up switching to SmartSheet. For the first time, it feels like we have a clear, multi-user list of our goals that all our team can work on simultaneously. It’s affordable, we can upload files (including pictures), make multiple comments, sort by goal owner or priority or goal number or anything else, enter a date when the goal is accomplished, filter by unfulfilled goals, and a thousand more actions. And everything can be imported and exported to Excel. Check them out at…

So what did you and/or your team end up using throughout 2014 and what do you hope to use for planning 2015? Please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks!

12) Here are 120 Old Testament verses on Missions

all nationsHoward Culbertson has done it again. Check out his “Harvest Passages in the Old Testament,” at…

This would be a fantastic list for a missions intro class in a seminary. He also has 80 passages from the New Testament at…

Taken together, these are 200 count-’em passages on missions. Love it. Thanks Howard!

13) We’re thankful…

thank you on paperBrigada publishes nearly any item. (See our guidelines in the top menu of our site.) But we honor those who send gifts with earlier and higher placement in the queue. And this week, that honor goes to…

They’ll partner with you to improve and increase your training for short- or long-termers. (Thanks Debbie!)

14) The BackPage: What’s in YOUR Language Learning Wallet?

language-benefitsLast week, a friend put me in touch with the ongoing development in the GPA language learning approach. I believe Greg Thomson was one of the (if not THE) person to coin this term. Learn more at sites like…

I don’t think Thomson did this from the vantage point of someone working for the Kingdom, but this method seems to fit SOOO well with a Kingdom-friendly mindset. For my own part, I used the LAMP method. Prior to departure, I got to study directly under Tom and Betty Sue Brewster at Fuller in the LAMP heyday. (I never take that for granted, by the way.) For whatever reason, I loved the method and it really made sense to me. I used pure aural/oral LAMP for 9 hours/day, 6 days/week for entire 9 months straight. At that point, I could lay aside full-time language learning and focus full-time on outreach (which was, at that point, merely a ramping up of what LAMP had modeled for me). The fun part about LAMP was – it wouldn’t have mattered what language I was learning. Nor would it have mattered if it was tonal or not. I didn’t really focus on reading/writing that much — so for all I know, Spanish might have been scripted in Cyrillic. It didn’t matter. I was memorizing phrases like one memorizes opera. I met with a helper to figure out 4 new phrases or sentences per day (the Brewsters called them “texts” and they called this process “Get”), then had him record the text in several unique ways. Then I listened (passively at first, then more actively) to the new text for 30 minutes. Then I worked with the recordings (as prescribed by the Brewsters) for 2 1/2 hours (“Learn”). After eating lunch, I’d take off into the community. The Brewsters had told me not to quit until I had been able to say the text to 50 different people (“Use”). I was nearly religious about it. They all took me so seriously, trying to develop my pronunciation and flow. At quitting time (never before 5pm [grin]), I would figure out what I needed to learn for the next day (“Evaluate” – so Get, Learn, Use and Evaluate spelled “GLUE”). To this day, 32 years later, when I speak Spanish, thanks to the Brewsters (not through anything I did), someone in the room asks inevitably asks me if I’m from Argentina. (Never mind that I studied in Uruguay; at least they have me pegged in the country next door.) I haven’t been able to LIVE in Spanish since 1982. But for some reason, give me 1 day back in a Spanish-speaking location and it’s all there again. How does LAMP do that?

So I have questions:
*** How is GPA different/better/worse than LAMP? What are the bullet points of how it’s unique?
*** Have you done LAMP and did it work for you? Have you tried GPA and was it easier or harder?
*** For you, how do these methods compare to using tutors or studying in a language class?

If you would be so kind, please respond by logging on to the web version of this edition (see link below), then click “Comment.” Thanks in advance!

15) Closing Stuff

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