6) The Best of the Best Outliner

outliner*** This is another area that has generated a ton of contenders. One thing for certain: It’s NOT Microsoft Word. How could any program be so HUGE and so WELL-RESEARCHED (not to mention so popular) and still not have a decent outliner?????????? For me, most recently, it feels like WorkFlowy will win this category. It’s free, great for real-time collaboration with teammates, and has some powerful features. The web interface is great and the phone interface updates instantly. How is it that these folks have passed up the software engineers at a certain Redmond, Oregon office complex (Yes you, Microsoft)??? Either way, what’s YOUR favorite outliner?

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  1. Ed Reply

    WorkFlowy is primarily an online tool, so for those of us who have to be able to work offline a lot of the time, something else would be helpful. I’ve been using OmniOutliner plus several mind mapping tools. They’re okay, but tend to cost too much and the freebies I’ve tried haven’t seemed worthwhile.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Wikipedia used NoteTab whose creator is a Christian, I believe.


  3. Greg Reply

    Please don’t pin Microsoft on Oregon! They are a FOSS state. While they are often more of a Mind Mapping software, the XMind guys have been around for quite a while, and a good outline can be generated from the mind map, or laid out as an outline to begin with.

  4. Greg Reply

    Oh, and there is FreeMind, which is, well, FREE!! Also, it’s been around for quite some time. Here’s a LifeHacker page to a few others.

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