4) The Best of the Best Expense-tracker or Finance App

finance app*** Again, no clear winner here for me. I use iXpenseIt, but your app might be better. You want something that lets you take a picture of your receipt (so you can then file or throw away the receipt), record where you spent the money and why, and interface with your bookkeeping software or make some kind of acceptable report. What’s in YOUR wallet?

4 Responses to 4) The Best of the Best Expense-tracker or Finance App
  1. K Reply

    Toshl! Quite pleased w/ it…

  2. Dennis Fahringer Reply

    Two for iOS: BizXpensTrkr and Expensify

  3. J Reply

    I quite like iBank. It’s for Macs only, I think. But it handles multiple currencies well and can have direct access to all of your accounts if you let it. You can create budgets and reports (or different ways to look at your income and expenses). They have iOS apps and a mac app as well.

  4. Peter Bowers Reply

    Evernote with a combination of audio notes (90%) and text notes (10%) with a picture thrown in now and then. It takes a little more work to transcribe when I’m doing the expense report, but speed/ease of keeping track in the field is essential — if it’s at all difficult (or time-consuming) to do in the field then I procrastinate and end up forgetting.

    Evernote widget button on my lockscreen let’s me record a note with a single touch and save with one more touch.

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