8) Use Flipboard to Customize the News You Use

flipboard_browse_sections_620pxWhether you are a go-er or a sender, you would probably like to stay informed of the latest news and trends about your field(s) and outreach(es). I have a good friend and strong partner named Wade who supervises his megachurch’s missions ministry on virtually every continent in dozens of countries and locations. He uses Flipboard to prep his news….


By creating a profile in Flipboard, he can maximize the relevance while minimizing his time and leveraging his potential impact as an overseer. Flipboard can send his news to his phone or his ipad — and it’s always there, sleuthing out the stories and resources he’d like to see, all for free. Wade advises, “Give Flipboard a try. You won’t regret it.”

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  1. Cory Cummins Reply

    Just as a warning: Flipboard acquired Zite, another news aggregator, which I used and enjoyed for a season. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it (Zite) due to unsolicited compromising articles that were “tailored” to my list.

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