6) Cool Tools: The Best Bible for Travel (Int’l or Otherwise)

bible imagesTo us, it makes sense to carry a printed Bible when on a trip for His Name’s Sake, even though there are a host of great Bible apps for our smartphones and other digitally connected devices. Why? What if the power goes out for an entire day and the batteries on your laptop and phone tucker out? Besides, I’m convinced that in some contexts, it still just looks WEIRD to teach or share the gospel using a phone or laptop Bible, especially in some contexts. So we recommend the thinnest NT/OT you can find (with print you can still read). It’s probably best to visit a Bible bookstore for this purchase, but as a rule of thumb, the NIV Thinline Bible seems to be a good compromise for font size and packing size. See a sample here…


If you’re looking for an app, we’ve featured dozens over the years in Brigada. For research and lesson/sermon prep, pretty much everybody compares their app to the granddaddy of them all, Logos, at…


[truth in advertising: if you buy a Logos product at this page, you save 15%, but Logos also will make a gift to Brigada. Having said that, our opinion still stands: It’s still the one to which everybody else compares.] Nothing seems to compare with the depth and breadth of Logos offerings.

But sometimes you might now WANT that much depth. If you have an ultrabook laptop, for example, Logos’ 15 gigs (plus) might be overkill. In these cases, throughout the years, we’ve noticed a consistent interest in the Laridian line of Bibles. See their features at…


By going with a product like Laridian, you can still keep your purchases across multiple platforms. That is to say, the Bible version you purchase for your laptop can also be available on your phone. Another advantage of Laridian and similar class Bible apps: They’re just faster, sometimes, than opening up a giant application like Logos.

Of course, you might find that the YouVersion app at…


might be enough for you. Around 165 million users have made that decision by installing the app on their own devices. Over 1000 versions are available in 779 languages. In addition, some still haven’t noticed that YouVersion now offers several Bible versions for offline reading too. Learn more at…


4 Responses to 6) Cool Tools: The Best Bible for Travel (Int’l or Otherwise)
  1. Mark Sequeira Reply

    I also recommend you check out the http://olivetree.com/ , OliveTree Bible Study app, for iPhone and Android (as well as desktop computers). By signing up free you get lots of free resources PLUS offers that over time include most versions free, greek bible (multiple versions) free, fast, quick lookup, and a much cleaner, easier-to-use interface than Logos, and a smaller footprint! I do use LOGOs as well but it is unwieldy and too big for everyday use IMHO. Many of us at http://www.goodneighborinsurance.com also use http://www.youversion.com/” title=”YouVersion” rel=”nofollow”> and like it. In the past I have used <a href="http://www.e-sword.net/&quot; title="e_Sword" and , but if I had to choose only two, it would be OliveTree Bible and YouVersion.

  2. Scott Reply

    I love the OliveTree Bible app. You can start using it for Free and buy the resources you want. They have good sales too.

  3. Allen Reply

    Ditto for Olive Tree. I use it on my Mac and iPhone.

  4. Peter Bowers Reply

    I came over just to point out Olivetree, but it looks like several others got to it before I did.

    Also do note what wasn’t super-clear in the text above – that Logos can work on your phone or tablet – it’s just a bit slow IMHO…

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