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2015/01/18 — Brigada Today

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In this issue…

Jump to 1) We’re About to Stage an Xplore Course; Any Tips?
Jump  to 2) New Resources for Singles added to our Missionary Family Care file
Jump  to 3) T4T… TRT… From C2 shining C…
Jump  to 4) Everything you Want (or Need?) to Know about the Persecuted Church
Jump  to 5) Rent a PO Box or street address in the USA from anywhere
Jump  to 6) “Where There is Now a Church” will Help You Reflect
Jump  to 7) “Women in China Mission: History and Impact”
Jump  to 8) Upcoming Resource for Married Missioners
Jump  to 9) New Business as Mission Resources
Jump  to 10) Principles for Children and Youth Ministry (PCYM)
Jump  to 11) Learn How To Use Mobile Technology for Your Ministry
Jump  to 12) Two-year Practical Missions Training Programme – Alpha Mission Teams
Jump  to 13) We’re Grateful to…
Jump  to 14) The BackPage: Reflections on 20 Years of Brigada
Jump  to 15) Closing Stuff

1) We’re About to Stage an Xplore Course; Any Tips?

xploreSeveral of us here in Louisville, Kentucky are about to stage an Xplore course on Jan. 31st. We’re using the new edition, directly from the Center for Mission Mobilization ($6.99), at…


Anyone have any tips about presenting this course? We’re hoping to do the entire course in a day. We’ve purchased the domain at…


We also hope to video the course and offer it as a distance learning option afterward. If you have any experience with the course or tips, we’d love to hear.

2) New Resources for Singles added to our Missionary Family Care file

cheThanks to those who participated in the recent call for member care resources for singles, we’ve updated our Missionary Family Care Resources and Book list file at. Find the new January 2015 edition at…


Got even MORE items for singles — or others? Just click “Comment” after this item in the web version of this Brigada. Thanks!

3) T4T… TRT… From C2 shining C…

t4tSound like alphabet soup? Maybe. But check out the great training guide at…


The intro is worth the read (or at least the scan). What the author has done, really, is take the old time-tested George Patterson approach (the guy in Honduras that we’ve mentioned before.. who wrote the 90-some booklets in an approach he called “theological education and evangelism by extension”) and simplified it into 10 lessons. Then he has emphasized the conversion aspect over and above the simple obedience of God’s word. Further, see how he has documented so carefully all of the steps… down to the nature of the Bible study itself. He has basically given us a script, in a way. Then in the body of the document, the main part, he applies it to Chinese. But at that point, the implementer could substitute his own language. The author says he assumes that the implementer has already been studying the target language for 6 months. Then, we trust, starting from that point, the idea is that this TRT material would be the primary language learning material. It’s genius, actually.

Do you have experience using T4T, TRT or C2C? If so, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any testimony you can provide as to how it worked or works in your case.

4) Everything you Want (or Need?) to Know about the Persecuted Church

voice of martyrsWow. Today I’ve been checking out the training site for Voice of the Martyrs. The only bad thing about this site is how guilty it makes me feel for not doing more with the time God has given me. Just look at all the great content. Maybe, if I’m lucky, when I grow up, I can be as ‘together’ as VOM is.


They’ve got it all. (Thanks so much VOM — and thanks, too, Jenny!)

6) “Where There is Now a Church” will Help You Reflect

where there is now a churchAre you working in the Muslim world and striving to see churches planted? GMI’s latest resource is designed to provide encouragement and insight into the fruitful practices that are seeing amazing results throughout the Muslim world. Five years ago, Christians serving in Muslim lands told their stories of challenge and change in the acclaimed Where There Was No Church. Now, devoted workers provide even more detailed dispatches, stories of praise and imprisonment, and portraits of the spread of the Christian movement, including a growing church in the shadow of a mosque. Where There Is Now A Church features questions for reflection and discussion as well as a detailed description of the best outreach practices as determined through input from hundreds of church planters surveyed by Fruitful Practice Research.


7) “Women in China Mission: History and Impact”

Hudson-Taylor-FB-Optimized-Made-For-MoreHere’s a Hudson Taylor Legacy Series Seminar (Celebrating 150 years of God’s Faithfulness). This OMF International seminar will be held at the Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church, 3295 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 (7:30 – 9:00 pm). For more information, contact
cadotbcdotrmcatomfmaildotcom or check out


8) Upcoming Resource for Married Missioners

marriage-2Survey participants are needed for data collection in the creation of a handbook specifically for married couples discerning, engaging in, and processing their shared missionary experience. The author of this developing guide is seeking married couples who have served in a ministerial position (pastor, volunteer, spouse of either, etc.) for 9 months or longer in a country outside of their own. Persons within each marriage are asked to take the survey individually. This survey will close on Tuesday, January 27th, so better act quickly! The link below will take you directly to the beginning of the questionnaire:


9) New Business as Mission Resources

bamThe Business as Mission Resource website has just been completely redesigned with some brand new features. The new website aims to be a one-stop resource hub serving those interested in business as mission (BAM), now featuring: Toolkits that contain practical resources and tools for practitioners; a Blog that regularly publishes on key BAM topics, a Resource Library of BAM books, articles, events, links, organizations, media and training; and a Getting Started section for newcomers to business as mission. Visit the new site at:


Sign up to receive ‘The BAM Review’ – a digest email of the latest news and resources from the business as mission blog:


The website is a BAM community initiative and the editorial team warmly invites collaborators. Contact
editoratbusinessasmissiondotcom to find out about becoming a partner organization, blog contributor or adding a resource to the site.

10) Principles for Children and Youth Ministry (PCYM)

PCYMHere’s a school designed to develop leadership skills in those called to reach the emerging generation. It will take place March 18-August 8, 2015 at YWAM Santiago, Dominican Republic and it includes a 12-week theoretical phase and an 8 week-practical phase (missionary outreach). The course includes topics such as: God’s purpose for this generation and the realities that affect them, the spiritual capacity of children, Human Growth and Development from a Biblical perspective, How to develop an attractive curriculum for children and adolescents. To learn more, browse to…


or email:
Note that a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a prerequisite.

11) Learn How To Use Mobile Technology for Your Ministry

Mobile-DevicesThis year, the majority of all internet access will be through mobile devices, representing a great communication channel to use for Kingdom advancement. The Mobile Ministry Forum’s updated training course is comprised of 3 two-week modules that you can do at your own pace. There is also an optional project planning opportunity. The next session starts on February 10 and the cost is $65. The only requirements: an internet connection, a computer, and a mobile phone (smart-phone or feature phone). Course information can be found at:


12) Two-year Practical Missions Training Programme – Alpha Mission Teams

Muslim-Women-PrayingIs it, like for the apostle Paul, “your ambition to preach the gospel where Christ is not known?” (Rom 15:20) If so, this could be just the opportunity for you. World Outreach International is sending out “Alpha Mission Teams” to unreached people groups. AMT is a practical two-year missionary training programme for both single people and families. During this time you not only learn, but you actually do the work – adapt to a new culture, learn the language, reach out to lost people.
Find out more about this at


You can also write to
hendrikdotvatworld-outreachdotcom . He will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

13) We’re Grateful to…

thankyouA cross-cultural worker based in Colorado Springs who sent $100. God bless you!
A worker based in Locust Grove, VA, who also sent $100. God be praised!

Would you like to join in boosting Brigada out to literally thousands of screens all around the world? If so, just mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ through Team Expansion is tax-deductible. If you’d rather give online, just click “Donate” in the upper right corner at brigada.org .

14) The BackPage: Reflections on 20 Years of Brigada

20_years Graphic smallThe next edition of Brigada (Jan. 25th edition) will mark our 20-year anniversary issue. In honor of this event, we plan to send this issue for free to all subscribers. (Oh wait — we send ALL issues for free. :-) ) But seriously, it would be a serious omission if we didn’t take this opportunity again to thank all those who chip in to keep Brigada free for all. The idea of doing a publication for free, in advance, allowing those who can to chip in, and without even a single banner ad on the website, might seem upside-down for some. But it’s been our mantra since we began in January 1995. You can see all the archives (also for free) by browsing to…


There, you can search the entire 20 years by date, tag, or even a “needle in a haystack” word search.

As we mentioned above, we do allow participants to chip in, of course. And if a donor wants to “bump up” his item to the top of the queue (to be featured closer to the top of the edition and to be featured more quickly in the queue), we honor that wish. This allows our item contributors (who are also donors) a special perk. But the point is — we feature items from anyone, worldwide, without cost (as long as they meet the criteria of our submission guidelines; see the “Submit an item” file at the home page).

So what have we learned in 20 years?
*** Writing a weekly e-zine takes determination. We won’t lie — it’s a labor sometimes… but a labor of love. We get encouraging notes from appreciative readers, and those mean a lot, but the truth is, we do this because we feel called by God to do it. And once a clarified calling comes from God, one should act with determination and discipline. And so, we forge on. :-)

*** With a weekly e-zine, it’s not really “who you know,” it’s “who will help.” When Brigada participants submit items that are helpful to other participants, they are helping others with questions that matter. It’s a case of “one beggar telling another where to find bread.” And THAT is the true magic of Brigada.

*** Finally, and most importantly, what we’ve learned more than anything else is a spirit of gratitude. We’re grateful for those who pray for Brigada (and for us), grateful for those who give financially (any amount), thankful for those who participate by sending in great items for the Brigada family, and incredibly grateful to God for the honor of serving Him.

And with that — 20 years have passed. So whether we’ve been writing in the quiet of the wee hours of the night from our home office, or catching wi-fi at a coffee shop while on a prayer journey in Asia, or beaming up Brigada via a Satphone from southern Tanzania — the bottom line is… thank you to those who have stuck with us throughout two decades. Wow. God bless YOU for your partnership and shared vision… and today, may God bless your family and your work as you seek to serve Him where you’re planted.

15) Closing Stuff

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