1) We’re About to Stage an Xplore Course; Any Tips?

xploreSeveral of us here in Louisville, Kentucky are about to stage an Xplore course on Jan. 31st. We’re using the new edition, directly from the Center for Mission Mobilization ($6.99), at…


Anyone have any tips about presenting this course? We’re hoping to do the entire course in a day. We’ve purchased the domain at…


We also hope to video the course and offer it as a distance learning option afterward. If you have any experience with the course or tips, we’d love to hear.

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  1. JS Reply

    I highly recommend this resource. I led it several times before moving overseas 4 years ago. It’s the greatest intro I’ve seen — 6 weeks; a couple of hours each night…

    On week 2 when the topic the ‘Status of the World’ I made an interactive activity I had seen before. Give each person a circle (pie graph) manipulative ,12 slices of the circle, 10 gummy bears and then have the participants guess “how many slices have heard about Jesus?”, “how many slices have never heard?”, “how many workers go to this part? (as represented by gummy bears)” “how many gummy bears go to the unreached?”, etc.

    It makes the stats come to life a bit more.

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