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2015/01/25 — Brigada Today 20th-year Anniversary Issue

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Brigada online has more graphics and links at http://www.brigada.org . Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis. Search over 2 decades of weekly Brigadas using the search box below.


In this, our 20th-year Anniversary issue…
Jump to 1) Happy Birthday Brigada! 20 Years This Edition!
Jump to 2) Jericho Walls Builds Up Prayer for the Nations
Jump to 3) Sleek New Prayer Tool
Jump to 4) Free Missionary Debriefing and Evaluation Tool (MDET)
Jump to 5) Book Publishing Service Offers Half-off for Brigada Readers
Jump to 6) Where Online Does One Find Images of Arabic Faces?
Jump to 7) Billions of Unreached – Most don’t Read – Tell them a Story!
Jump to 8) TRAIN International Prepares, Debriefs, and Coaches
Jump to 9) If You Have All The Leaders You Need Don’t Read This…
Jump to 10) Alliance for Vulnerable Mission
Jump to 11) Calculate the Odds of Your Plane Going Down
Jump to 12) What if Your Email Address Changes?
Jump to 13) We Give Thanks…
Jump to 14) The BackPage:
Jump to 15) Closing Stuff

2) Jericho Walls Builds Up Prayer for the Nations

pray for the nationsThe Vision of Jericho Walls is ” To mobilize the Body of Christ to be a house of prayer for the nations.” They seek to accomplish this by fulfilling 3 goals:

To help raise up and mobilize intercessors nationally and internationally.
To mobilize congregations nationally and internationally to be houses of prayer.
To establish prayer watches where people will pray night and day.

Learn more about their work, and pick up on their resources, by visiting…


3) Sleek New Prayer Tool



Prayer.Vision is an innovative new website designed to help workers easily raise and maintain prayer support for their region. The site allows workers to pin prayer requests and stories to a beautiful world map. You can post anonymously, or link your pins to your bio and support account. Take a minute to post your own prayer items, or see what stories others have pinned in your area:


4) Free Missionary Debriefing and Evaluation Tool (MDET)

missionary africaThanks to the Heritage Baptist Church (HBC), the MDET tool is adjoining to this post. HBC desires to provide quality member care as well as accountability among its missionary families. As a result, HBC has developed the Missionary Debrief and Evaluation Tool (MDET). Typically, the Global Ministries pastor and his wife sit down with the missionary husband and wife on the field for two 8-hour days to go over each MDET. These materials are free for you to use and distribute, however neither you, nor anyone else, may charge for any part of the materials. Anything distributed should include this statement: “This is used and distributed freely from Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA (www.HBClynchburg.com). These contents may be redistributed if done without a charge. Contents may be modified for your church use.” Find the tool here:


(Thanks HBC!)

5) Book Publishing Service Offers Half-off for Brigada Readers

Hand and book stairsWant to publish a book? It just got easier. In January 2014, Eddie launched a publishing company. They published 36 books the first year. And now they have an offer to missionaries, of which, the publisher’s father was one. This is 50% of his standard price, which is approximately 50% of what other companies are charging. What’s more, I don’t know of any other service which does what they do. They design the cover and interior, provide the ISBN and bar code. The author of the book owns the copyright. They publish books in paperback, hard cover, eBook and audio book. They include ebook postings on 1,000+ online sites like Kindle and Nook. And with Spring Arbor and their other distributors, the books are distributed to more than 200,000 online and offline bookstores. Check them out and let us know how they do.


6) Where Online Does One Find Images of Arabic Faces?

One of our Brigada participants wrote this past week to tell us he is creating a photo collage of Arabic faces to be used at his church’s outreach display. He wrote, “Pictures that I have found online at the usual places like iStock are just OK. Any suggestions for other places to look?” How would you answer? (Just click “Comment” following the web version of this item.)

7) Billions of Unreached – Most don’t Read – Tell them a Story!

storyrunnersLearn how to develop and use a Chronological Bible Story set to reach the unreached peoples of the world. StoryRunners offers a one week workshop called the “School of Storying” (March 15-20 and September 13-18). During this week the 18 participants develop a mini set of six stories from the book of Acts. The participants also experience Bible Storying sessions where they learn and devotional discuss a set of stories from the life of Christ. You will leave the StoryRunners “School of Storying” ready to start a Bible Story group and with a good understanding of how to begin developing a Bible story-set cross culturally into another language. To learn more, email OrlandoSOSatcrudotorg
or visit…


8) TRAIN International Prepares, Debriefs, and Coaches

TRAIN logo screenshotFor missionaries, churches, and member care specialists, TRAIN International can make a difference. If you’re looking for great pre-field missionary training, or are a church leader longing to see your church’s missions program make a greater impact and incorporate more people, check out…


They are based in Joplin, MO and also offer week-long debriefing for returning missionaries called ABIDE. One is coming up March 1-6, and there are still spaces open to register.

9) If You Have All The Leaders You Need Don’t Read This…

creative resultsYou’re still reading! And you need more leaders. You can learn what thousands of other ministry folks have learned about developing leaders. Coaching is a proven method of people development that works well over Skype or in-person. When you learn these Holy Spirit-driven ways of thinking, working, and communicating – you will see your ministry impact multiplied. Not a program, but an on-the-job way to turbo-charge your strategies for evangelism, discipleship, and developing leaders. The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program is an ICF-approved professional coaching program for ministry leaders. In Seattle March 23-27 and September 21-25, 2015, and coming to Barcelona and Singapore. Save $250 by registering early.


10) Alliance for Vulnerable Mission

dollarUnhealthy dependency on donors from rich countries, churches or individuals is one of the more important factors in hindering church growth in many developing world situations. One way in seeking to avoid this is to use principles of vulnerable mission (dependence on local languages and local resources in ministry). To encourage consideration of this, at least in some circumstances, a series of events are planned in UK and Germany in April and May this year. These will be two day conferences – one in York (Acomb Baptist church, 11th April) the other in Coventry (Queens Road Baptist church, 18th April). A two day, more academic conference will be held at Redcliffe College, (Gloucester 14-16 April) and the events will close with a consultation for mission CEOs in Oxford on 22nd or 23rd April. More details can be found at…


and brochures and booking forms from


12) What if Your Email Address Changes?

email ripIf you’re currently subscribed to Brigada Today’s email version and you change your email address for any reason, switching your delivery of Brigada is easy — and completely automated. Just click the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any message. That takes care of unsubscribing your old address. Then subscribe again using the subscribe box on the upper right, this time using your new address.

13) We Give Thanks…

Thank-You-word-cloud-1024x791… For the AMAZING True Fan of Brigada from Kansas (USA) who gave $500 this past week. The word, “thanks,” seems so small compared to this kind of sacrifice. God bless you!!!
… to SmartSheet.com, which sent $30 as a referral credit. (Thanks for using Smartsheet!) Learn more about their product at…


… to the staff member at CIT who gave $100, and shared his testimony, “The staff here at the Center for Intercultural Training want to thank you for your good work. We appreciate all you do for the Kingdom. If CIT can assist anyone with solid pre-field cross-cultural training we would love the opportunity to come alongside.” Learn more about CIT and its training at…


They provide affordable pre-field training in language acquisition, spiritual formation, culture and family preparation, and church planting. All agencies and cross-cultural workers are welcome.

… to the friend from Joplin, MO, who wrote this past week, “Thank you Doug for your determination and desire to mobilize because without it, Brigada would never have become what it is today! I read every edition. I forward it to others and I clip material to send to colleagues, office staff and church folk and even friends! Thanks brother for being open-sourced and open-hearted. Blessings as you bless others – a true-grit, faith-riddled Abrahamic dude!”

14) The BackPage: After 20 Years, Where does Brigada go from Here?

goalLast week’s Backpage was “Reflections on 20 Years of Brigada.” The very first Brigada went out on January 25th, 1995. (Read a copy here:


Now, 20 years later, we stand on the edge of tomorrow. Here are some of the goals we’ve laid out for 2015:

*** Grow from 6000 subscribers to over 7000
*** Add a form to make it easier to submit items
*** Finish the year in the black
*** Feature a prayer item in each edition
*** Stay relevant and vibrant to pursue our mission, as outlined below:

*** Identify & promote helpful resources, conferences, websites, agencies, individuals, etc.
*** Analyze & capsulate in layman terms the current trends in global mission, along with their potential impact on the world of missions
*** Challenge & motivate evangelical Christians toward greater involvement in finishing the Task of global evangelism
Inspire others to help in passing the baton of responsibility and initiative in world evangelism
*** Form a “brigade” so that, shoulder to shoulder, we can finish the Task that Jesus assigned us in Matthew 28:19-20.

Will you band together with us in 2015 so that, side by side, we can accomplish these goals? Please pray that God will guide our every step together.

15) Closing Stuff

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