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2015/03/01 — Brigada Today

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In this issue…
1) US Center for World Mission Becomes “Frontier Ventures”
2) Here’s an easy Water Filter Solution that Apparently Works Great
3) Why Does Brigada Spell Out Long URL’s Instead of Hide the Links?
4) Get Oriented for the Orient (and anywhere else) at TRAIN
5) At Last, Success in my Search for an Effective Photo Manager
6) 2015 COSIM Conference: Best Practices In Cross-Cultural Partnership
7) Prayer is Critical for Good News Growth Among Amdo Tibetans
8) Solar Electric Assistance for Missionaries
9) Missions in a Modern Way
10) Take Part in a Global PrayerCast April 17th
11) Learn How the Church All But Disappeared in the Middle East
12) Lausanne’s Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel
13) Join Us in Praying for the United Nations
14) The BackPage: What’s Your Opinion on “A Plea for Gospel Sanity?”
15) Closing Stuff

1) US Center for World Mission Becomes “Frontier Ventures”

0001Ralph Winter isn’t turning over in his grave. He’s smiling. This is not your daddy’s U.S. Center. It’s YOURS.


In fact, I’ll be brutally honest: I was so impressed by the fantastic transition at the U.S. Center — I mean Frontier Ventures — that when the folks at JoshuaProject.net told me about it, I honestly used the new giving page at the U.S. Center’s new website — I mean Frontier Ventures’ site — to send JoshuaProject.net $100. (I’m not joking. I owed them about 2500 favors anyway.) I can’t remember a better transition and I’m not sure I’ve seen any better website anywhere. I interviewed Ralph Winter in Cincinnati about 20 years ago. Having verified first hand that the guy was a humble genius with a great love for the Lord, I’m convinced that this is the perfect transition for the legacy that he founded. Hats off to the leadership at Frontier Ventures (there – I’ve made the leap). Well done! (Thanks, Dan and the rest of the crew at JoshuaProject.net for letting me know. I promise I’ll send $100 again every time your parent ministry changes its name. :-) )

2) Here’s an easy Water Filter Solution that Apparently Works Great

sawyers-Purifier-pictThanks to Brian who tipped us off this past week about Sawyer Bucket Filter Systems. It apparently is powerful enough to filter out bacteria and viruses, almost never needs filter replaced (1 million gallons!), can filter over 150 gallons a day and has a crazy high filtration rate:

5.5 log for viruses = 99.9997% filtration rate
6 log for for protozoa like Giardia = 99.9999% filtration rate
7 log for bacteria like salmonella, cholera, E. coli = 99.99999%

It’s $142.95 for the more powerful viral filter, and $59.95 for the biological one. Learn more at…


Read even more at…

Thanks again for the tip, Brian — at TRAIN International.

3) Why Does Brigada Spell Out Long URL’s Instead of Hide the Links?

url-shorteningI know you’ve probably asked yourself multiple times before. Go ahead and admit it. Why does Brigada spell out those long annoying links instead of simply hiding them behind shorter words that wouldn’t break up the flow of text? Here are the reasons:
a) Some people print our items on paper. They hand the article to a friend face to face. (I know. It might seem old-fashioned. But it still happens, believe it or not. Some people still talk face to face. :-) ) When a reader prints an article that says, “click here” to go to a particular place on the web, the link behind the “here” becomes a lot more “there” than “here.” The truth is, it’s lost. For good. So we don’t do that.
b) We’re kind of old-fashioned ourselves. We like the idea of being so forthright about our links that you see, at a glance (without trying to hover or fear) where you’re going to be sent if you click “here.”
c) Finally, we believe the human eye is an amazing tool. We think it can glance past a long row of letters, if trained to do so. That’s why we’re big advocates of — show me where you want to send me on the web.

Besides. We think you’re smarter than you realize. If you glance at enough URL’s, we think you’ll begin getting used to it — and you’ll become faster at understanding where they send you. We believe anything less than that amounts to patting you on the head, as if to say, “This looks too complicated to show you the real location.” So there’s our hobby horse. That’s our story — and we’re sticking to it. :-)

4) Get Oriented for the Orient (and anywhere else) at TRAIN

TRAIN logo screenshotTRAIN International’s 2-week, pre-departure training called ORIENT is coming up for missionaries in preparation. At ORIENT (April 20 – May 3 and September 7 – 20) you’ll engage in activities that address spiritual formation, personal identity, personal and cultural values, expectations, transitions, stress management, leaving well and more. TRAIN partners with Discovery Ministries during this training to lead participants through outdoor challenges and group initiatives to assimilate healthy relational skills and conflict resolution strategies. Learn more at…


5) At Last, Success in my Search for an Effective Photo Manager

archiveI think I must have tried just about every photo manager available on the web. The list is long… too long. Picasa, Corel, Adobe Lightroom, and a zillion others. Why? Because, like many missionaries, I now have something like 30,000 images from the past three+ decades of work and travel. And I’m constantly wishing I could illustrate a particular article with “just the right picture” — and I can never find the picture I want. The good news is — this is not an attempt to make money be referring you to a product that is going to offer us a kickback here at Brigada. (We’re through with that, by the way. I have become more and more convinced that it’s too big of a temptation to pad funding.) By contrast, you won’t find any “click-through” links that result in ad income or “affiliate marketing” for any one product. What I CAN tell you is — save your money please. Don’t conclude that you have to buy Lightroom to effectively track all those photos. To me, the clear and simple winner is a long-term competitor called ACDSee Pro 8. Find it at …


You can own it today for $69.95. Why will you like it better than any other photo manager on the web? Simple:
a) It’s fast
b) It’s easy
c) It works

I’m convinced you can use it to tag photos then find them faster than anything else out there — and nobody is paying me to say that. In fact, once you find them, you might also come to think that ACDSee is just as effective at EDITING them, but I’ll leave that to the pro photographers to debate. What I AM qualified to tell you is that you will not find another product that finds them faster or more effectively than ACDSee. Try it for free to see if you agree.

6) 2015 COSIM Conference: Best Practices In Cross-Cultural Partnership

partnershipCoalition on the Support of Indigenous Ministries (COSIM) will conduct its 20th annual conference May 27-29, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.
The theme is “Best Practices in Cross-Cultural Partnership:
For the Peoples, for the City, for the Gospel.” Plenary and workshop presenters will include Alex Araujo, Steve Corbett, Mary Lederleitner, and a host of others. Attention will be given to cross-cultural partnership to reach the unreached in our North American cities. Plus, Werner Mischke will also do a pre-conference seminar Wednesday afternoon May 27: “Honor and shame in the Bible and what it means for cross-cultural ministry.” For more information visit


or write to Werner at

7) Prayer is Critical for Good News Growth Among Amdo Tibetans

30-Day-Prayer-Guide-4A New 30 Day Prayer Guide for Amdo Tibetans has been published and is available for ordering in the US. This beautifully-colorful 66 page guide will educate you about this people while giving specific ways you can pray for the work. Guides are $ 3.00. Each is shipped domestically in the US. Inquire for a price for international shipping at
amdoguideatgmaildotcom with address and number of guides requested. For more information, browse to…


8) Solar Electric Assistance for Missionaries

solar-electric-panels2With over 30 years’ experience, New Tribes Mission (NTM) Tech Center exists to fulfil the great commission by training and equipping missionaries to manage the physical aspects of living in remote locations. The NTM Tech Center designs and builds Solar Electric Systems to be: useful (serve a necessary service), dependable, safe to use, easy to use, easy to maintain, and cost effective. This allows missionaries in remote locations to focus on the ministry God has given them. They offer three customizable Solar Electric Systems: Small, Medium and Large that will meet the needs of missionaries in any part of the world. Each Solar Electric System is customized for the specific location, needs and ministry of the missionary. All the necessary components to equip a missionary’s off grid house are supplied including: PV panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, fans, water pumps, DC freezers and refrigerators, and water filtration. Detailed instructions are included allowing anyone to set up their own Solar Electric System. Technical assistance is always an email or phone call away. They provide equipment at discounted prices. With limited resources and personnel, the services are limited to evangelical missions’ ministries in developing countries. Learn more at…


9) Missions in a Modern Way

modern day logoModern Day is a missions sending agency that exists to make life as a missionary more streamlined, current and simple. The org has sought to develop a professional online application process, user friendly online giving software and a sleek website presence. Over 200 missionaries have partnered thus far. They offer detailed monthly giving reports, advanced social media exposure and a friendly staff. They are members of ECFA For more information email
marvinatmoderndaydotorg or visit


10) Take Part in a Global PrayerCast April 17th

It’s coming soon… to a time zone near you.

Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com

On April 17th at 8pm Eastern Time in the USA(hopefully, the widget above gives you your local time), believers from around the world will unite in a symphony of praise, worship, and missional praying for peace, purpose, and fulfillment of the Great Commission on Planet Earth. You can take part in this historic event by visiting…


To learn more and see examples of past Global PrayerCasts, click to…


11) Learn How the Church All But Disappeared in the Middle East

lost christianityJesus was born in the middle of a region that is today dominated by a religion which disavows his divinity. How in the world did this happen? Now you can know the truth. Get the book, “The Lost History of Christianity,” by Philip Jenkins.


It tells the story of the Eastern church that was larger than both Rome
and Byzantium combined. Many mid-Asia Countries were Christian or
predominantly so. In a fascinating panorama, Jenkins explains that the church began to be seen as politically affiliated. So the church that was once persecuted became so powerful that a region began to fear that it would become like a super-power. Yikes. There have to be some lessons here somewhere. Get the book. Let’s learn the lessons — and change the world for good. (Thanks Ted!)

12) Lausanne’s Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel

creationEd Brown and our friends at the Lausanne Creation Care Network are busy these days with a series of conferences around the world on the general theme of Creation Care and the Gospel. (If that seems like a strange juxtaposition to you, you need to read the Cape Town Commitment again!) Conferences are coming this year in East Africa (Nairobi, May 17-21), Canada and the US (Boston – Gordon College, July 27-31), Latin America (Cusco, Peru, September 8-12 – Spanish and Portuguese), and West Africa (Ghana, November 9-13, French and English). This is an ideal opportunity to get up to speed on one of the truly hot-button issues of our time by interacting with top theologians, scientists and practitioners. Check out the Global Campaign website here:


Use the link there to let Ed’s team know if you would like an invitation to one of these conferences. And a suggestion: Don’t put it off. Seats are going fast.

13) Join Us in Praying for the United Nations

lets prayHey… instead of complaining about the United Nations, what if we PRAYED for them? That was the question asked this past week by Kelly and Michele ODonnell, as the United Nations continued its work debating the sustainable development agenda that will impact so many for the next 15 years. We asked Kelly and Michele to lead us in a prayer for the U.N. and they graciously agreed to do so. Please join them and us now for a moment of partnered prayer:

“Lord of the Universe, Lord of all nations, Lord of all peoples, to you all creatures will bow and acknowledge your goodness and wisdom and power and love through Jesus Christ and His shed blood (Revelation 4, 5). We acknowledge that we can do nothing without You (John 15) and that we as humanity are in desperate need of You (Psalm 130). You are our refuge and our strength in time of need and always (Psalm 48). We pray specifically that you would guide the efforts of the sustainable development goals, as the member states of the United Nations and the many organizations in civil society work to eradicate poverty, safeguard dignity and justice, protect your wondrous creation, and promote wellbeing for all. Use your people Lord to help shape this process and help us as we work together on behalf of our troubled world. Unless You build the house, Lord, we labor in vain (Psalm 127). Lamb of God You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. For Your glory. Maranatha.”


(Kelly and Michele, you’re great — because you serve a great God and because … well, you’re just brilliant people. Thank you.)

14) The BackPage: What’s Your Opinion on “A Plea for Gospel Sanity?”

Revival_crusaddab548e0d6___280-187This past week, a friend who trains missionaries for a living (Thanks Tim) shared with me a link to an article entitled, “A Plea For Gospel Sanity in Missions – From East to West.” In it, the author, who grew up in southern India, makes a plea to Western (“Northern”) churches to be careful when appeals for support by Indian nationals who share outlandish stories of church growth. In some ways, the writer is uniquely qualified to address the question because he grew up in India himself. In addition, he is currently an Adjunct Instructor and Ph.D. candidate in a major seminary here in the West (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY). He is fairly up front with his bias against church-planting movements (CPM’s), but note that the article isn’t about that. Rather, it’s about the fact that today, there are seemingly more and more claims of outlandish church growth for the apparent purpose of attracting more and more income for national evangelists and partners. The author writes, “Sadly, the Western church’s obsession with numbers has had a destructive effect so that the name of Christ is blasphemed in India.” One of his goals is to “encourage Western churches to be discerning in the missionary works they support and encourage my Indian brothers to seek true gospel growth in their ministries regardless of whether that looks impressive to the West or not.”

I’ve noticed these issues are very polarizing. In fact, some people are so emotionally invested in one side or the other that they have seemingly lost the ability to enter the discussion objectively.

So here’s my request: Would you hop over and read the article at…


then click to the online version of this item at the link below? Once there, please Comment following this item and give your opinion (please — without any emotional bias and definitely without referring to specific organizations or individuals) about whether you agree or disagree with his opinion. (In this case, Aubrey is indeed a male.) We look forward to hearing your opinion here. Thanks for considering. (Note: Unfortunately, we’ll have to remove comments defaming specific orgs or individuals because they will distract from our purpose, which is to discuss the principle, rather than the person. For this reason, we’re asking you to share your opinion here — because the thread of comments at the author’s site has headed in the direction of negative comments about specific orgs.)

15) Closing Stuff

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