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2015/03/22 — Brigada Today

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In this issue…

1) Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Saudis Today
2) Ideas for Praying In-depth for United Nations Goals
3) Learn [LOTS] More about Multiplying Disciples
4) Remind Your Small Group about When Helping Hurts
5) Credit Cards: What’s the Story in Other Parts of the World?
6) Brigada Member Care Resource List: 26 Pages of Great Help
7) What if Your Friend Emailed You like This?
8) Language Acquisition Training with TRAIN International
9) Getting Copyright Law Right
10) Register a Business in Yunnan Province
11) “Selection Team Manual” Ready for Your Review
12) “Curious about Counselling Centers for Missionaries” Produces
13) “Love Across the Latitudes” Just Released in its 6th Edition
14) The BackPage: “Cover” vs. “Concealment”: Only Christ is Victorious
15) Closing Stuff

1) Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Saudis Today

saudiIf you are one of the roughly half of all Brigada participants who live in the USA (and maybe some other places too?), here’s a way you can make a positive difference it he lives of people from Saudi Arabia without ever leaving your state. You see, Saudi Arabia is now #2 behind China in # of international students studying in the USA. So if you live in the USA, the vast majority of you will live within an hour of a university with 25+ Saudis. If you need help getting started, just write
infoatlovesaudisdotcom to find out who, nearby, has outreach to Saudi students. (Thanks Brian!)

3) Learn [LOTS] More about Multiplying Disciples

metacampWow… what a treasure trove of free, helpful, and practical information you can find at…


by Curtis Sergeant, a top-quality trainer in multiplying disciples and churches. The most amazing part: He has staged all this training for free… and you can start taking it TODAY without registering, no matter where you live in the world! Whoooo-hooooo!

4) Remind Your Small Group about When Helping Hurts

SGESlider1-webI know it’s been a while since When Helping Hurts came on the scene. But now you can easily implement that training for a small group at…


See all the videos here…


So this is a great chance to re-live, recast, remind people of the curriculum. Maybe use it as a component of training for your next short-term trip?

Edited: Here’s a sample of one church’s Slide Presentation for one of these lessons. (Thanks Bob! Keep ’em coming.)

5) Credit Cards: What’s the Story in Other Parts of the World?

credit cardLast week’s item, “14) The BackPage: The Best Credit Cards/Mileage Programs,” turned out to be quite popular in both readership and comments. But one inquirer asked, “Do you have any knowledge about how to get all these deals when you’re living in the UK? We have a BA AmEx but it’s painfully slow earning points.” Thanks for asking, Catherine. The sad thing is, I do NOT. So we have to use our “Ask the Audience” lifeline. Does ANYONE have great recommendations for great credit card packages outside the USA? We’re looking for smart packages for missionaries and other cross-cultural travelers to use, offering great miles, or cash back, or anything attractive for local churches and their mission teams and short-term trip participants. Just click “Comment” after the web version of this item and let’s see what we can find! Thanks in advance for your help as “one beggar telling another where to find bread.”

7) What if Your Friend Emailed You like This?

Last week, I received an email from a friend on the other side of the country. It contained no body text — just a rather odd-looking attachment with an HTML extension. But the Subject read, “Important Document for Review.” Even though I knew it would come across a bit snobby, I dropped him a note saying, “You know, I’d just as soon not have to open an unsolicited attachment if I didn’t have to.” Then I asked him what it was about. His reply was curt: “But it’s not unsolicited. I sent it to you.” I found his response to be a bit odd, but at the same time, he seemed to be a bit frustrated with me. Because he was my friend, I felt a bit embarrassed writing him again, but, because I receive a lot of email, I wrote once again, saying, “Still, would you mind telling me what’s in the attachment?” This time, he didn’t write back. I thought, “Great. Now you’ve really offended the guy, Doug.” So at this point, I glanced down at my system tray to make sure my antivirus was running (and it was), then opened the attachment. I felt foolish being so overly-skeptical. I have my email client configured not to open any kind of file at all. So when I clicked on the HTML, it only read the mark-up language, but balked on opening up any of the program code beneath the hood. All I could see was that it was some kind of Google doc; I still couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be. So I wrote my friend one last time, completely convinced that I was going to annoy him to no end as I said, “I opened your attachment, and saw it was some kind of Google Doc, but my email client is configured to be kind of dumb. Can you tell me what I’m looking at here?” No response. I figured I’d lost him as a friend for good. The next day, I received a note from him saying his email had been hacked. “Unfortunately, my email account was hacked. Do not open this email or follow any instructions contained in in it. Please delete it immediately. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.” It was at that point I realized — I had almost turned off my safeties to open the program code. Almost. So … how does one know for certain that the email they receive is actually from one’s friend and not from an evil-doer? My conclusion: It’s impossible. All I know is this: Be skeptical, run a great antivirus program, and pray for the best. But be skeptical of everything. And at the end of the day, if you can’t call the guy, just don’t open the attachment. Period. It’s the only way I know.

8) Language Acquisition Training with TRAIN International

languageTRAIN International’s language acquisition training, ACQUIRE, is coming up in Joplin, MO, from May 25 – June 4, 2015. Dwight Gradin, known the world over for his “PILAT” language learning methods, leads this two-week intensive training to equip cross-cultural workers with effective strategies and tools based on proven research. At ACQUIRE, you will:
*** Learn proven and effective principles and techniques of language acquisition
*** Understand the impact language learning will have on your entire overseas experience
*** Improve your ability to discern and generate new phonetic sounds
*** Gain insight into working with language helpers on the field
*** Invest time with language helpers putting into immediate practice the phonetic training and methods of language learning
*** Gain the confidence that you CAN learn your target language
Learn more and register at:


9) Getting Copyright Law Right

plagiarismAre you a student, having a hard time understanding copyright laws, plagiarism and DMCA? If so, try visiting…




The authors there have taken it upon themselves to produce the best material possible on the subject. They might be of help.

10) Register a Business in Yunnan Province

yunnan_chinaWould you like to have a legal presence in Yunnan Province of China? Come to a one-day seminar on registering a business and financial reporting responsibilities. Learn the most up-to-date government policies and expectations for foreigners operating businesses in Yunnan. This seminar will be hosted by Gao Jie Consulting (GJC) from 9 AM to 4 PM in Kunming, China on April 14, 2015. Cost is RMB650 including lunch. If a participant chooses to register their business through GJC, a RMB300 discount will be given. Email
ceoatgaojieconsultdotcom for more information or to register.

11) “Selection Team Manual” Ready for Your Review

Remember that guy out on the East Coast who creates fantastic resources for missions teams like yours? Well, he’s been at it again. Here’s a 5 meg sample “Selection Team Manual,” saved as a PDF, for your review.


In it, Pastor Allen of Heritage Baptist Church unpacks his strategy and approaches for selecting new missionary candidates. He explains his mission statement, purpose, philosophy, and church strategy for missionary recruitment and preparation. You’re going to want to see this free book. And we’re all going to want to thank him. (Thanks Pastor Allen and HBC.)

13) “Love Across the Latitudes” Just Released in its 6th Edition

love across latitudesThanks to Walter for noticing that “Love Across Latitudes: A Workbook on Cross-Cultural Marriage,” has just been released in its 6th edition:


It’s hard to find a better book on cross-cultural marriage. Designed to help you describe yourself, and to broaden your understanding about how individuals from differing backgrounds approach life, this book will assist in answering the questions, “Is this person right for me? Is this the will of God for me?” and, later perhaps, “How can we enrich our marriage?”

14) The BackPage: “Cover” vs. “Concealment”: Only Christ is Victorious

In training for personal defense, instructors teach us the difference between “cover” and “concealment.” “Cover” is their parlance for something that will protect a person from harm, say, from gunfire. “Concealment” has the FEELING of security, but it won’t actually protect; it just hides. If Jack Bauer is taking gunfire from a terrorist and he steps behind a wall made only of drywall, that’s concealment. He can hide there, but it won’t stop bullets. Ducking down behind a row of heavy steel tool boxes filled with wrenches… now that’s true cover for Jack Bauer. :-)

Boarding a flight and putting our trust in a pilot or two on board a flight across the Alps, the airliner might FEEL secure. Maybe there have been thousands of flights in the past week without incident, but all it takes is one depressed co-pilot and one pilot who has to go to the rest room and — bam. We’re toast. (Please pray for the family members left behind after Germanwings Flight 9525’s recent crash, apparently because of a depressed co-pilot’s suicide wish. Pray for healing for all who are hurting.)

In God’s case, the protection he provides isn’t a mirage. It isn’t mere concealment. It’s secure. It’s true cover in the deepest sense of the word. The Old Testament talks about cities of refuge (Deut. 4:41, 19:1-13). But having God as our refuge is all the more secure. As we approach Easter Sunday, it’s worth watching Hillsong’s version of Victor’s Crown

Today, let’s rejoice in our true “cover” — and a chance to follow the one who wears the Victor’s Crown. And let’s make it possible for tribes and ethnic groups everywhere to have a chance to know him and follow him.

15) Closing Stuff

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