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2015/05/31 — Brigada Today

WebCompiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion. Your gift to Brigada will help get motivation, resources, and news/trends out to thousands of Christian workers throughout the globe on a weekly basis. Search over 2 decades of weekly Brigadas using the search box below.

In this issue…

1) Are you Ready to Face the Challenge of Islam?
2) Customize an Unreached Peoples Widget for YOUR Web Page
3) Got Android? Get Unreached Peoples
4) Got Stress? Get this TedTalk
5) A Contact Management Solution for Your Church or Group
6) If Your City has Neighborhoods, You Need this Book
7) Five Ways to Bless You Neighbors
8) Do These Short term Missions Benchmarks Get You Jazzed?
9) Need help with funding? Try MissionIncrease
10) Hit a Dry Spot in Raising Support?
11) If You Want Security, Train with Fort Sherman Academy
12) Book, Insure and Manage Mission Trips with Faith Ventures
13) Bridges Curriculum Will Introduce You to Islam
14) The BackPage: I Can’t Stop Thinking about Thanking
15) Closing Stuff

1) Are you Ready to Face the Challenge of Islam?

engaging islam“Islam is one of the toughest Challenges facing the church of Jesus Christ today!” says Georges Houssney, President and Founder of Horizons International. Yet more Muslims have come to Christ in the last four years than ever before! In just one or two weeks, Horizons International can help you get ready for the growing challenge of Islam both in America and the Muslim world. From July 13-18, 2015, study “Understanding and winning Muslims for Christ.” From July 20-25, 2015, you can study “Discipling and equipping converts.” Learn More and Register Today:

ENGAGE COURSE TRAILER – DEC 13 from Black Lake Studio & Press on Vimeo.

2) Customize an Unreached Peoples Widget for YOUR Web Page

This new prayer resource will let you configure a widget specifically for your web page, the way you like it.

I just tried it for the Brigada home page and it was so simple. Check out the result in the right column (scroll down to see it) at..

You can change colors, sizes, and (virtually) EVERYTHING. Thanks to the folks at Joshua Project for creating this for us.

7) Five Ways to Bless You Neighbors

I’m loving the content of some of these simple Bible studies these days. They’re so reproducible! (Duh — by DESIGN they’re reproducible.) For example, here’s a pattern in which you Begin with prayer, listen, eat, serve them, then tell them a story. (The first letters of each those five steps spell out “bless.”) These “discipleship bible studies (DBS’s)” are all the rage… and they’re coming to a neighborhood near you (maybe because you’ll start one!). Learn more at…

9) Need help with funding? Try MissionIncrease

fundraising1They will help you create clear development plans, acquire new donors, create and implement fundraising event programs, create a major gifts program, grow a fundraising board, learn better development practices, become effective stewards, and more deeply involve donors in the ministry. If I understand correctly, they train you in all these principles for free. Check them out at…

Be sure to let us know (by clicking “Comment” in the web version of this item) your experience with MissionIncrease.

11) If You Want Security, Train with Fort Sherman Academy

If you’re seeking training for security, both personal and organizational, try Fort Sherman. They focus on tailored training, crisis support, and mission-traveler services with a biblical worldview in mind. Their primary objective is to serve short and long-term travelers working away from home (nationally and internationally) in a wide variety of ministries. Our agency actually invited them in to stage a week’s worth of training locally (to save having to fly all of us out to Idaho) and we all felt it went well and that we learned a lot. Learn more at…

13) Bridges Curriculum Will Introduce You to Islam

Bridges_DVD_Cvr-228x228Crescent Project, led by Fouad Masri, has produced a 6-session DVD small group study called “Bridges.” You get 2 DVD’s, a companion study book, and leader’s notes. Topics include “Islam Rising,” “Belief and Ritual,” “Attitudes of an Ambassador,” “Bridging the gospel,” “Tools for Reaching Muslims: Understanding the New Testament’s Credibility,” and “Tools for Reaching Muslims: Understanding Jesus’ Sacrifice.” Order the curriculum for $49.99 and/or learn more here…

14) The BackPage: I Can’t Stop Thinking about Thanking

give thanksI want to make a confession: My life is filled with too many passions. Best I can remember, it all started with a Geography Class. Mrs. Grant was the teacher. I began to care about other places on the planet. I remember staying up past midnight to work on assignments. Everyone else in my class began to tell me I would burn out. My mom and dad started saying the same thing. “Doug, you’re going to kill yourself by tackling too many things.” That was in 7th grade. I’m currently 58. Rumors of my demise were, thankfully, apparently overstated. Along the way, my life has filled up with scads of themes, some of which, I’m sure, are more important than others. But one thing I can’t stop thinking about: Thanking. I’m haunted by thanking donors. I want to send thank-you notes to people who do nice things for the workers in the agency I lead. Somehow, by God’s grace, I’ve managed to convince everyone in our organization to send out thank-you letters on a monthly basis to everybody who supports the work they’re doing around the world. That’s every month for the past 34 years. Jesus instructed it. In I Thess. 5:18 Paul even instructs us to give thanks in all circumstances. There are lots of circumstances. So it seems as if we should be giving thanks a lot. But still — it never feels like enough. Will I be ok? Should I find a support group somewhere for OCT (Obsessive Compulsive Thanking). What’s your take on thanking? Either way, I’m convinced I don’t do enough of it. Lord, please help me become a more grateful receiver of gifts. What’s your take on thanking? Please click comment below and share your thoughts. Thanks in advance, if you can.

15) Closing Stuff

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