10) Looking for a One-Book Explanation as to What is CHE? [updated]

multiply_light_greenMaybe one of the best one-volume introductions of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is Stan Rowland’s “Multiplying Light and Truth.” Stan was the man identified by many as the ‘inventor’ of CHE. While serving in Kenya a couple of decades ago, he noticed that many institutional approaches seemed to be flagging in their effectiveness. He began to experiment with low-tech, community-based solutions. His training gradually evolved into a series of principles that many have now adopted for global use. Because he didn’t hold on to them tightly, he’ll never become a rich man. But hundreds, if not thousands of villages (and now urban areas) have benefited both physically and spiritually as a result of his teaching. Catch a lot of his vision and values in Multiplying Light and Truth, available at…


Then, most importantly, emulate his teachings by DOING them in your neighborhood, regardless of where you live. Thank you Stan Rowland.

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