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2015/07/12 — Brigada Today

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In this issue…

1) These “Miraculous Movement” Videos Will Teach Us How to Lead DMM’s
2) Considering Solar Power?
3) “King of Glory” DVD Will Provide you with the Full Story
4) You Can Engage the World’s Refugee Peoples
5) Morton Security Solutions Has Answers for Your Security Questions
6) End-to-end Encryption For E-mail, Messaging, and File Sharing
7) Zwemer Center Features Online Courses — for a price
8) Awesome Animated Map of Growth of World Religions
9) Which is the Most Secure Browser? You’ll Likely be Surprised.
10) Windows 10 is Coming; Are You Ready?
11) The Best Laptop: What’s Your Opinion?
12) Could These 8 Videos Be the Most Important for Any Missionary?
13) What’s the Best Way to Teach Kids About the World?
14) The BackPage: How to Learn Another Language — in 3 Easy Lessons:
15) Closing Stuff

1) These “Miraculous Movement” Videos Will Teach Us How to Lead DMM’s

1) These “Miraculous Movement” Videos Will Teach Us How to Lead DMM’s
Disciple-Making Movements (DMM’s) are sweeping the globe. And now, you can learn how to implement them for your neighborhood by watching this series in YouTube. First, start with the opening video, which casts the vision…

Then watch these 7 videos (which explain the practical how-to’s.


3) “King of Glory” DVD Will Provide you with the Full Story

ROCK International’s KING of GLORY 2-Disc DVD Creation-to-Christ, 222-minute, 15-Episode movie for people of all ages and cultures is now available for purchase on Amazon. It’s great for reaching Muslims and anyone who knows little or nothing about the Bible. For more information visit:


or: Buy/Download the Movie. The Blu-ray edition should be available in August. While the English DVD version of the movie is now complete (with English, Spanish and French subtitles), the process to produce it in other languages has just begun. Work is in progress to translate, record and dub the movie into dozens of languages.

4) You Can Engage the World’s Refugee Peoples

Most of the growing number of 15 million refugees in our world are unreached. Some are reporting great stories of openness and opportunities to reach them. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Orlando would love to have your help in doing just that. Check out “One Year to the Nations” at:


You will be well-prepared to impact refugee peoples with the two-handed message of God’s love through evangelism/church planting and community development. Contact them via…
or call (407) 273-1667 for more information.

5) Morton Security Solutions Has Answers for Your Security Questions

morton secureMorton Security Solutions is hosting a three day Travel Risk Management and Security seminar specifically tailored for Faith Based Organizations. The seminar will cover important safety topics that are relevant to those on or entering the field including; dealing with government detention, kidnap avoidance and reaction, social media and online data security and secure convoy movements. All of the classes include practical exercises in the field and are presented by seasoned security experts (who are also ministers and missionaries) from both the military and law enforcement. The deadline to sign up is September 1, 2015 and seating is limited to 30 attendees. Check out this great organization’s announcement at the following link:


6) End-to-end Encryption For E-mail, Messaging, and File Sharing

peerioChris thinks he may have finally found a user-friendly tool for secure communications with colleagues in sensitive countries. Peerio is an app for sending encrypted e-mail, messages, and shared files. It runs on Windows, Mac, or as a Chrome App. Data is encrypted on the sender’s computer and decrypted on the receivers, so even if Peerio servers are ever breached, unencrypted data won’t be exposed. Peerio is open source and peer reviewed, and anyone who can find a hole in its security can claim a $1,000 bounty. The best thing is how simple Peerio is to use; he says it is just like using a text messaging app.


Watch a video about their services at…

Peerio – Solution from Vincent Drouin on Vimeo.

I tried Peerio myself and it looks great — but am I right… that it will only send messages to other Peerio addresses? So it would be limited only to the circle of users who take the plunge?

(Thanks Chris!)

9) Which is the Most Secure Browser? You’ll Likely be Surprised.

browsersIf you were asked which web browser was most secure, you’d likely answer … Firefox? Some diehard fans might venture Chrome? Find Techworld’s answer at…


and you’ll likely be surprised. None of the most common browsers made it into the top five. In fact, you might never have HEARD of any of the top five browsers found to be most secure.

10) Windows 10 is Coming; Are You Ready?

Windows-10Maybe the date has snuck up on you. On July 29th, Microsoft will release the biggest, most radical shift to the world of Windows ever. We liked the ZDNet prep site best. Find it at…


Did you find a better source for info? If so, please Jump to the Comment for the Web Version of this item and share your findings! In case you haven’t heard, the short answer is — Microsoft is changing the way they do business. Windows 10 will be free… and from now on, upgrades will be totally pushed to you (like Apple). You’ll never buy another “boxed” upgrade at your local computer store again.

11) The Best Laptop: What’s Your Opinion?

laptopsEverybody has a different opinion, but surely there are some models that stand head and shoulders above the rest. We like the Toshibas at…


They’re thin, light (you guessed that from the URL, right?), relatively affordable, and durable. They’re fast, packed with state-of-the-art static RAM hard drives (meaning — no moving parts) and the best connections available on the market (meaning — you won’t need to carry around adaptors). But the downside is — the batteries, with this kind of computer (“ultrabook”) are hard-wired into the chassis. When the battery wears out (somewhere around 1000 days from now?), you’ll likely have to replace it. If you’re comfortable with a three-year-life-span computer, then you’ll love these.

What’s YOUR favorite laptop? Mac users, so sorry we’re not Mac-savvy. But then, you don’t have as many brand names to choose from anyway, right? :-)

12) Bruchko: For this Cross I’ll Kill You

It’s a timeless classic that helps us envision identifying with a native people group. If you haven’t read it, you probably should. It’s called “Bruchko: The Astonishing True Story of a 19-Year-Old American, His Capture by the Motilone Indians and His Adventures in Christianizing the Stone Age Tribe.” It tells about Bruce Olson. It just might change your life.



13) What’s the Best Way to Teach Kids About the World?

Teaching kids these days has gotten a lot more complicated, right? People say kids’ attention span is shorter these days; has anybody noticed how fascinated they can be with an iPad? … like… until the battery runs down? So our question is this: How do we teach them about the world? What’s the best way to help them love nations — and people. In the old days, we’d get them a coloring book, right? Something like…


And maybe that still works? But … what are the apps that help them fall in love with nations? Where are the resources? Do we just have to TAKE them there? How do YOU solve this question? And how do you help them love to PRAY for the nations? See the article at…


That’s what we’re trying to discern. Check out…


And see the Operation World page on this question at…


See the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge at…


Pick up these Kids’ Prayer cards…


and this “THUMB Coloring Book”


And this classic, “Window on the World” book…


What’s YOUR best resource?

14) The BackPage: How to Learn Another Language — in 3 Easy Lessons:

I hear language learners say sometimes, “But the language I’m learning is so much harder!” We’re convinced that, when it comes to aural/oral language (leaving aside all script/reading), you can learn any language on earth equally well. That’s what Tom and Betty Sue Brewster taught us in their language acquisition course at Fuller back in the early 80’s. “It’s all mumbo-jumbo anyway.” They’re all equally hard. They’re all equally easy. Their rationale (and ours too) on that is simple: Around the world, most all babies learn to speak the BASICs of the language of their parents around the same time, without any big-time foreign language study curriculum. They mostly learn by listening — and mimicry. Of course, if you don’t want to take 2 years of listening before you sound like a two-year-old, you can speed things up quite a bit. For example, the GPA approach is really highly-respected these days:


(Do you have a better website for learning the GPA approach? What are the best books on this approach?)

Of course, the precursor of this approach, in many ways, was LAMP, by Tom and Betty Sue Brewster. You can still order LAMP and the other Brewster books (Bonding, Language Learning is Communication, Community is My Language Classroom) John at… Search4Wisdom, PO Box 17367, LA, CA. 90017, or email him at jtierwatatearthlinkdotnet . Read more about the LAMP method at…


We’ve written Betty Sue Brewster to see if she’d consider releasing LAMP as an ebook of some kind.

What’s YOUR most favorite book/resource of all time for language learning? Maybe you recommend a course? PILAT is no longer offered as a separate course at MTI, right? But you can still study language acquisition techniques at TRAIN International and similar locations, right?


Where is YOUR favorite course in language acquisition?

And what’s your favorite website to learn about all these options?

Thanks in advance for your help in gathering these resources.

15) Closing Stuff

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