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2015/08/09 — Brigada Today

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In this issue…
1) GNPI releases Android version of The Global Gospel App
2) How to Learn to Multiply Multiplying Disciples — Online!
3) Census Report on Christianity in New Zealand: Good News or Bad News?
4) Need a USA Postal Address? See Your Mail Online? No Problem
5) Attn: Recruiters: Meet Aspiring Missionaries at Tulsa Forum Oct 2-3
6) At last — a Graphic/web Designer Who Understands You : )
7) The State of the World (Task Remaining) 2015
8) Clothed In Armor: Spiritual Warfare for Kids
9) New Book by Patrick Johnstone (Creator of Op. World) on Cities
10) Three Myths about Faith-Based Humanitarian Aid
11) Reach Thailand from The Centre
12) Missionary Training For Church Members
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) What Kind of “Customer Service” Does Your Staff Deliver?
15) Closing Stuff

1) GNPI releases Android version of The Global Gospel App

gnpiThe Global Gospel App contains a series of 88 short videos that present the life and teachings of Jesus Christ using colorful illustrations and dramatic Bible readings. These simple stories, completed in multiple languages, allow users around the world to see and hear what Jesus taught in this engaging, easy-to-use smartphone app.

The videos contained in this series cannot be downloaded through this player app. However, all of the language versions are available for downloading by going to our Internet site where different quality and sizes are available at no cost. The URL for the site is:


For more information, call 417-782-0060 or email: infoattheglobalgospeldotorg.

2) How to Learn to Multiply Multiplying Disciples — Online!

gc-fulfilledAlmost sounds impossible, doesn’t it. But Curtis’ website at…


is seeking to enable an online training model for multiplying disciples who make disciples. While registering, you’re tempted to think there’s bound to be a ‘catch’ somewhere — and that surely there’s a charge. But, at least so far, there’s not. All the training is absolutely free. (Thank you for your fantastic attitude, Curtis — and the entire JP Exec team.) Better get this training today. If they’re successful, the world will be reached tomorrow, then Jesus will come, and you’ll miss out. :-)

3) Census Report on Christianity in New Zealand: Good News or Bad News?

new zealandCheck out the data from the 2013 Census among kiwis:


In just 15 years, those claiming to be affiliated with Christian religions have dropped from 60% to just under 49%. The only redeeming news is that those in the “evangelical, born again, and fundamental” category actually have risen by a factor of 11.2 percent. So maybe the upshot here is that mainline religions are losing their luster while evangelical Christianity is rising?

5) Attn: Recruiters: Meet Aspiring Missionaries at Tulsa Forum Oct 2-3

tulsaMissionNext is bringing their Forum to Tulsa as a Citywide Conference with many sponsoring churches. Two different Bible Colleges and a number of Perspectives classes are also inviting their students to attend. Agencies who are involved with unreached peoples are encouraged to send representatives to meet the 300+ attendees. For more information visit


or email

6) At last — a Graphic/web Designer Who Understands You : )

Are you looking for a web or graphic designer that understands what it means to be a missionary to a second culture as well as currently living in a second culture? Philip is from the US but has been living and served in the mission fields of Asia for more than ten years now partnering with many different organizations to develop internet based tools, communications, and graphics. Visit Philip’s website to see some of his work and get a quote today to learn how Philip can help advance your web presence.


You can also contact Philip directly via email at
designatphilcarlsondotcom for a quote. Philip will design for missionaries, ministries, or businesses. No limitations to who Philip will work with.

7) The State of the World (Task Remaining) 2015

Global Frontier Missions has done a super job pulling together a whiteboard-style summary video of stats from Gordon Conwell Seminary’s Center for the Study of Global Christianity and the latest version of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course.

State of the World / The Task Remaining from Global Frontier Missions on Vimeo.

This would be a great little video to include along with corresponding presentations at Perspectives. (What is it — Lesson 9?) We love these brief videos that tell the big picture. Please keep making more of these and pass along the links when you create or discover them. (Thanks to Jim, who told Tim, who told us. : ) )

8) Clothed In Armor: Spiritual Warfare for Kids

clothed in armorThe life of a missionary kid is filled with transitions, good-byes and feelings of not fitting into either their host or home culture. Satan loves to use these hurts to create feelings of doubt, self-criticism, and hopelessness. Help your child learn specific ways they can fight back against Satan’s schemes through a new children’s Bible Study by Carol Lozier, LCSW called “Clothed In Armor: Spiritual Warfare for Kids.” Based on the armor of God, children will learn the truth about themselves and specific ways they can fight back like a mighty Christian soldier. The Bible studies come in two editions, one for all children


and one specifically for adopted and foster children.


Highly recommended. (Thanks Renee, who told Allan, who told us.)

9) New Book by Patrick Johnstone (Creator of Op. World) on Cities

The title is “Serving God in Today’s Cities: Facing the Challenge of Urbanization.” The authors are none other than Patrick Johnstone (creator of the Operation World franchise) and Dean Merrill. With this book, you can understand the statistics and predictions about urban life, pray for the city God has put on your heart, understand the slums and how to reach out to urban poor, and engage immigrant communities in cities. Get it as an ebook, an audiobook, or even a real old-fashioned book with pages that turn (no batteries required for the last edition). See an interview with co-author Dean Merrill at…

Order the book here…


10) Three Myths about Faith-Based Humanitarian Aid

Wilfred Mlay did a great job exposing 3 myths in Humanitarian Exchange Magazine here..


In it, he effectively tackles the premise that “humanitarianism is a Western-driven, neo-colonial enterprise.” Worth the read.

(Thanks, Kelly, for bubbling this up to our attention this past week, through your Global Integration Update at http://us10.campaign-archive1.com/?u=e83a5528fb81b78be71f78079&id=81eac56b93&e=4bbe566fe4 )

11) Reach Thailand from The Centre

thai-student-155x300Looking for an opportunity to reach Thai university students for Christ? Check out The Centre where workers teach English (and any other skills that you have that students might be interested in) to Chiang mai University students. They want to have an impact on several campuses in their area, and on the city of Chiang Mai, and on all of Thailand! Email the organizers at
thecentrecmatgmaildotcom, or visit them on the web at


12) Missionary Training For Church Members

help-wanted_tMark Snowden has developed “Workers in the Harvest,” a unique missionary training guide designed for laity. It covers seven tasks that can be done at little or no cost, but requires sacrifice that missionaries will find affirming. W.I.T.H. is a Bible-based training resource written for church members to live out their call and gifting in missions. It can be for volunteers or those seeing to evangelize to start new churches. They, in turn, will not only work in the harvest fields in their own community, they will also be used of the Lord to call out other workers as co-laborers. Cost $7.00. Order by emailing
I’ve seen a copy of this book personally and it’s the real deal. I immediately thought of the missions committee at the church I attend, because they’re always looking for resources like this. Hats off, Mark!

14) What Kind of “Customer Service” Does Your Staff Deliver?

customer-service2All across the world, teams are chasing after better customer service. Sometimes it boils down to 3 factors: a) Listen: Do our team members listen carefully to the needs and desires of our constituencies (our “customers”), b) Take responsibility for our actions: Practice with me — if it’s our fault, please stop saying, “It’s not our fault.” That never helps. c) Serve: Do we then give our utmost to meet these constituents’ needs (within the scope of our mission, vision, and values), and d) Take initiative: In all things, show a willingness to get involved, to take action, and to deliver in a timely fashion.

Here’s an example: In launching a new campaign, we had to set up a toll-free response line. We chose 800.com as our vendor and had set up the toll-free number in a matter of 5 minutes. But, alas, before we realized there was no capability to customize the greeting by sending an MP3 recording up to 800.com, we hired a voiceover specialist at fiverr.com to record a custom greeting, then combined the great recording with some nice music. Only then did we learn that there’s no “upload” prompt at 800.com. When I called their customer support team, however, the tech responded cheerfully and competently, “No problem. I’ll just find a way to upload that for you manually, on the back side of things, using programming code.” I was floored. He didn’t want any extra cash. He didn’t complain. He just said, “We’ll make it happen.” Now, never mind that it took him 3 business days… The point is, he promised and (eventually), he delivered. (Notice, we added the adjective “and deliver in a timely fashion.”)

So what are your pet peeves when it comes to customer service? And what terms would you add to the 4 we mentioned above? To respond, just click “Comment” after the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for your thoughts!

15) Closing Stuff

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