1) Sign up to Pray for One Minute in the Next Global Prayercast

Prayercast GraphicThe next Global Prayercast will take place at 2pm ET (USA) on Oct. 31st. See promo videos (both a one-minute and a two-minute version at…


You can also fill out a form there requesting to be a participant in the actual broadcast — praying from your church or home, anywhere in the world! (Participants will need internet fast enough to use the web.) The broadcast will originate from this year’s International Conference on Missions in the main arena in Richmond, VA, but you can take part from anywhere on the planet. And even if you’d rather not be featured as one of the participants, praying on-screen, you can still watch and take part by logging on at 2pm ET (USA) at the URL above on Oct. 31st.

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