4) You Might Be able to Generate Some Extra Cash

topcashThese days, Brigada isn’t chasing the cash-back referrals quite so much (at all?). It’s just not our thing. But if it’s yours, you might consider the site, …


Using this site, according to one source, “you might be able to get a percentage back *in cash* on purchases if you move to a merchant from their website- 8% on booking.com and something similar on hotels.com. For frequent travelers, that adds up- especially if you are already using hotels.com and layer it on their 11th night free loyalty program. they also have a referral program that would net you AND the ‘signer upper’ 10 bucks.” Said to be a for-real deal and not pie-in-the-sky, if you’re into this sort of thing, it might save you some bucks. (Thanks Caleb!)

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