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Brigada Today 2015-09-27

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In this issue…
1) Muslim Feast Last Week Celebrates How God Ransomed Abraham’s Son
2) Scientific Animations without Borders (SAWBO): A Great Model
3) Is “Walking with the Poor” the Best for Community Development?
4) Need Drawings for Community Health? Get Hesperian
5) “Songs for Saplings” Help You Raise Little Ones in His Truth
6) Rats: Have to Admit… OneNote is a Great Product for the Price
7) What is Rasberry Pi? We’re Still Not Sure. A Really Cheap Computer?
8) Free E-book by David Platt: “Follow Me”
9) The Seed Project: Christian Digital Resources for the World
10) TripHobo Can Help you Plan Your Next Trip
11) Free eBook by Piper on C.S. Lewis
12) The Largest Ever Faith-Inspired Collaboration Event For Technology
13) We’re Grateful…
14) The BackPage: Please help us Make
15) Closing Stuff

2) Scientifc Animations without Borders (SAWBO): A Great Model

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) is a University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign based program. They create powerful graphics about topics such as agriculture, disease and women’s empowerment, using animation technology, which are then voice overlaid into a diversity of languages from around the world. Everything is free (for educational use) and available on most platforms, including smartphones. Plus, it’s just a cool idea. Learn more at…

3) Is “Walking with the Poor” the Best Source for Community Development?

walking with poorBryant Myers’ 2011 book is already a classic. In “Walking with the Poor,” he attempts to provide a theological backdrop for transformational development, while showcasing best practices in uniting our thinking on spiritual and physical domains of life. So the question is — would this be the best book available to date as a backdrop for NGO’s and community health evangelism (CHE)? See the book at …

5) “Songs for Saplings” Help You Raise Little Ones in His Truth

Their mission is to “equip the global church with robust, theological music,” but the best use at “Songs for Saplings” is teaching your kids the scriptural truths you’ve come to love. A lot of their material is free and download — but you can also buy reasonably-priced MP3’s and CD’s. The bottom line: If you’ve got kids or if you teach kids, you need to visit…

6) Rats: Have to Admit… OneNote is a Great Product for the Price

onenoteNot sure when Microsoft made OneNote free. Regardless, it was a great decision for the product, as was pointed out in feedback to our item on notetaking software last week. (See “Fall in Love with Notetaking,”

Originally available only within Microsoft Office, you can now download it at…

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s a great option for a lot of users. It’s platform-independent (available for all devices), easy to use, and, maybe even fun. (Good answer, Josh.)

8) Free E-book by David Platt: “Follow Me”

FollowMePlatt_1920x1440To download “Follow Me,” by David Platt, you just have to click quickly. Browse to…

and enter your email address then click. After your email is confirmed, you’ll receive “Follow Me” as a gift. It seeks to answer the question, “What does following Jesus really look like?” In other words, it’s all about discipleship. But remember: to download it, you must act within the month of October.

9) The Seed Project: Christian Digital Resources for the World

This ‘seed project’ is a virtual Christian library, thoroughly committed to God’s Word, ready to pass on to your pastors, workers or friends, far or wide. You’ll gain ongoing access to 7 English digital libraries including quality books, slides, handouts, audio/videos, full seminars and much more! BFF also includes resources in more than ten languages! And it’s all free for those living in developing countries (including missionaries)! You can get the Bible (OT & NT), Family (marriage & parenting), and Discipleship (3 levels: 1, 2, 3). Get your access link today by learning more at…

Check out these resources through this video introduction…

10) TripHobo Can Help you Plan Your Next Trip

triphoboGot a big trip coming up? Here’s an app with a variety of destinations. Visit them at…

It’s a free-to-use itinerary planner, with up-to-date information about destinations all over the world and ready-to-pick itineraries! Once you are done with planning the trip, you can book hotels and services. Choose and compare from various portals and get deals. Apps are live on android and iOS.

11) Free eBook by Piper on C.S. Lewis

alive-to-wonderLike we said last week, it’s one thing when a book is on sale for a lower price. It’s quite another when you can get it for free. THIS week, that’s exactly what’s happening with John Piper’s book, “Alive to Wonder: Celebrating the Influence of C. S. Lewis.” It’s available as an ebook at…

We all know that C.S. Lewis wrote “Chronicles of Narnia,” but perhaps fewer of us realize how gifted and skilled he became as an apologist (someone who answers the question, “Why believe,” and a maybe even a theologian. Piper reveals it all — the man, the impact, and the personal testimony.

12) The Largest Ever Faith-Inspired Collaboration Event For Technology

hackathonWhen we saw that title, we thought, what in the world would that be? The subtitle read, “Code for the Kingdom.” Sounded even more interesting. Then we saw the fine print: “Leadership Network Hackathon.” And we thought, whoa. Is this legal? : ) From what we can tell, it is. Get the full story at…

The short answer is — it’s apparently the gathering of “a couple thousand of the brightest minds on the planet working together in 13 cities across The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa for two straight days to create new technologies that would reclaim culture for the Church and God’s Kingdom.” Shouldn’t you be there? : )

13) We’re Grateful…

Hats off to the Mission Network, who sent $100 this past week because they believe in Brigada enough to make a monthly pledge of $100, partly because they want to dare other agencies, churches, and individuals to do the same. God bless you!!! Learn more about Mission Network at…

14) The BackPage: Please help us Make

We’re in the middle of launching a new push for “more disciples” at this new website,30-day_challenge_dare-300

We’re asking folks to walk with us through a 30-day challenge, during which, we’ll be challenging the global church to be the church that Jesus Christ has asked for all along. This challenge can be fulfilled by any church member, anywhere in the world. It is NOT limited just to North America. The way it works is — you sign up and for 30 days, you receive an email each day, challenging you to get “out of the box” in a new push to fulfill the Great Commission globally. Before you know it, you’ll be praying, phoning, and discipling like never before. You’ll watch 3-minute videos, complete charts, and share the Good News… and throughout the whole deal, no one will ask you for any money (disclaimer: God might inspire you to HELP someone), no one will add you to any other list without your permission, and no one will release your personal information. Basically, this is an effort to FINISH Matthew 28:19-20. It’s free of charge, but it will probably prompt you to step out on faith like you never have before. Please sign up today.

15) Closing Stuff

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